Hannaford Supermarket, Wells, ME, AYUSA

Experience with agency AYUSA was positive.
Extra agency maksilano to Meet my expectations , real prices and hot deals

Experience with location Wells, ME was positive.
Wells is a small village in the state of Maine, the ocean is a very attractive place ... if you are coming to make, ME is very ok state because it offers a lot of seasonal jobs, years ago, a lot of tourists especially french Canadians to excellent 'tips :) if you come for entertainment, ME is definitely not the country for you ... the advantage of this place is that it is on the border with the state of NH, which is tax free so that any buying and shopping no taxes and therefore you can save a lot of money if you buy such as lap top. .. the weather was same as home ... it's always a lot of students are predominantly Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Lithuania, Russia ... as far as night life is very bad has a couple of local pubs with and that's it ... But therefore, student house, where there are two lives at around 50 students are always full of alcohol and good music :) I'd always recommended, if you come here to seek a place in retail to work for another job because they could find somewhere relaxed in a hotel where you can earn a great guy :) My first job was a vacation village where I worked as a housekeeper, laundry and office girl with initial hourly rate from $ 9 but every year I returned to the dollar climbed more ...

Experience with employer Hannaford Supermarket was positive.
Starting hourly wage was $ 9, an I on this job that I 'm returning home from year to Mr. received more , plus an additional $ 2 hundred I worked the night shift at the end of the year a bonus of $ 1,800.00 . I am one of those hundreds was better paid than the other job :) But on the first night shifts are so lethal , and only the bravest would recommend ... because every morning when I'm done with this I'm going to first work day maybe 5 hours of sleep and that is it , but because when it comes 5th in the month and traveling all these sacrifices are soon forgotten :)

This review represents personal opinion of Sandra who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2009 with agency AYUSA, working at Hannaford Supermarket in Wells, ME.

Jul 11, 2016