Premier Aquatics, Lorton, Work and Travel Group

Experience with agency Work & Travel Group was positive.
Agency work and travel group cooperates with one of the most professional pool companies in America - Prmier aquatics . The guys from Nish which I applied are very nice and helpful , they went out to meet whenever necessary.

Experience with location Lorton, VA was neutral.
Lorton is little place in Virginia , half an hour from Washington. Or belong to one of the richest areas throughout America. This means that the site is landscaped , secure that the new pools and beautiful . In this city there is no ghetto pool! As a second job , I worked swim lessons , many managers at the pool meet the rescuers working classes . This is excellent pay

Experience with employer Premier Aquatics was positive.
Hours 8 $ , $ 12 overtime hours per week: average 45h average tip : Description Employer : I have business with super pools . I have to take it as a working vacation . They are not especially hard, I did. Even I do not have the heat did not bother because there is always a pool :) Although it all depends on what your motivation for applying for a work and travel program . Menu it was the experience, travel, entertainment , perfecting the language. If the IATA case with you, you will not make a mistake if you go as a lifeguard . If you turn the primary motivation is money , choose a different position. With this business you can be on positive zero, which means - the return of the invested , full of suitcases, and spending money ( $ 300-500 ) for the home.

This review represents personal opinion of Jovana Z who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2013 with agency Work & Travel Group, working at Premier Aquatics in Lorton, VA.

Jul 16, 2016