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  • Hourly: 8 $ Number of hours per week : 50+ Prosek tips : 0 Description of the employer : The company that provides the highest hourly rate in VA , fine and correct people , a relationship ... very cool Lifeguard other people ( there are plenty of girls , do not be afraid :)) Staff excellent, professional, but also friendly and ready to zezanje

  • Wage per hour : 8 Hours per week: 40-60 To the USA you should go around 20th of May and work till 10th of September . This is not so much paid job as perhaps some in the hospitality industry, but it is very lightweight and it is excellent option for the first time to go to America because of the experience, improve English because you are in constant contact with people . I had a very nice experience with people . And with other students and with the company and with people who were coming to the swimming-pool . It should be cept in mind though that you always have a variety of inspection, so literally you need to do a minimum of your job and you are not going to have any problems . I was at half- summer promoted and I had fixed at 54h a week which was fine paid because of the overtime which had to be paid more than the regular 1.5 .

  • Hours 8 $ , $ 12 overtime hours per week: average 45h average tip : Description Employer : I have business with super pools . I have to take it as a working vacation . They are not especially hard, I did. Even I do not have the heat did not bother because there is always a pool :) Although it all depends on what your motivation for applying for a work and travel program . Menu it was the experience, travel, entertainment , perfecting the language. If the IATA case with you, you will not make a mistake if you go as a lifeguard . If you turn the primary motivation is money , choose a different position. With this business you can be on positive zero, which means - the return of the invested , full of suitcases, and spending money ( $ 300-500 ) for the home.

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