Lorton, VA

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  • Lorton is a smaller town, however, has all that is necessary. The place where I was called Laurel Hill, peaceful and rich in greenery. People are nice, different origin. I traveled the world and I had the opportunity to communicate with many nations. All are tolerated and often socialize at the pool. What I find odd is the very structure of the village - all very spacious, the roads are wide, and there is no city where everything is concentrated as in European towns. But as far as I've seen all of the smaller cities in Virginia are such, and the Americans themselves say that they love their personal space, and it's all so scattered. You have the beach, like a variety of shops, restaurants and activities in one place, then roads, so the next plaza and so on. So it is simply organized there, which means that you will probably need a bike that everything would be done (work, shopping, etc.). Americans, therefore, can not do without cars, pedestrians are rarely seen. However, it should be used! I think of the beach, because if you want the extra work you can in these places that are looking for. Although the job has little city (culture shock)! My biggest advice is keep the speed down to the extra work! Go on a quest as soon as possible, or we visit the places where you would like to do and then decide. Because if you ask for a job where you can see the first ad, you may miss a better job just because you have not asked elsewhere. I can give you a job even if there are no ads and do not require active workers (another culture shock)! Literally come in and ask if they need someone to speak highly and it is quite possible that you hire part-time. Just as soon as possible with the team when they arrive, however, quickly passed year.

  • The place is a small , not as urban or excellent conditions for life. Perfect apartment, gym and swimming pool free use . The food is not so expensive .

  • Lorton is little place in Virginia , half an hour from Washington. Or belong to one of the richest areas throughout America. This means that the site is landscaped , secure that the new pools and beautiful . In this city there is no ghetto pool! As a second job , I worked swim lessons , many managers at the pool meet the rescuers working classes . This is excellent pay

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