High Sierra Pool, Lorton, Virginia, Ayusa

Experience with agency AYUSA was positive.
I'm really satisfied with my w&t experience. For agency Ayusa heard from my friends. Also, I found the positive feedback from many students just at this site. So I finally decided I visited the office in Nis, but I was asking and the other agencies to make sure that you choose. I immediately liked the professional approach Ayusa. I was informed about everything that was needed and I was able to ask their questions. When I decided to Ayusa soon after the interview with the representative of the company High Sierra (lifeguard job), which was in English, but in a very positive and friendly atmosphere. Then you can ask questions to the presenter, Mark, and for all time in the US will be able to contact him if you have any doubts or problems. The training for the rescuers crossed we are not only material, but our Milena and Marko, as they themselves have extensive experience in lifeguarding, explained how to easily and more fully come to America in general. That part to me was really important because it is something that is not in the book for training, while the requisite overcome through the three days of the training, the most practical. I remember we had a meeting only in respect of life in America, and so on stamping. They were real, and now I see that everything you said is really so. Culture shock and various some challenges in America, it can happen and it's all natural. Essentially all that is required of any e-mails we received, not only when something needs to be paid, but also a reminder for important dates, the most important part of the book (which I headed in the hard copy received), various instructions. On sighting the girl was waiting for us from the agency, she has collected documents that are relevant to the agency, but from what I hear, all registered in the Niš office received a visa. I got a place to me and said that I get and what is in the contract, so that part has been respected. Only if it's important to be in a particular state, the log before the new year. because the later is likely to remain only city in Virginia. I enlisted in late January and went to Virginia, but otherwise I wanted DC environment. I know that some people i went in pairs or in groups, there is also a possibility.

Experience with location Lorton, VA was positive.
Lorton is a smaller town, however, has all that is necessary. The place where I was called Laurel Hill, peaceful and rich in greenery. People are nice, different origin. I traveled the world and I had the opportunity to communicate with many nations. All are tolerated and often socialize at the pool. What I find odd is the very structure of the village - all very spacious, the roads are wide, and there is no city where everything is concentrated as in European towns. But as far as I've seen all of the smaller cities in Virginia are such, and the Americans themselves say that they love their personal space, and it's all so scattered. You have the beach, like a variety of shops, restaurants and activities in one place, then roads, so the next plaza and so on. So it is simply organized there, which means that you will probably need a bike that everything would be done (work, shopping, etc.). Americans, therefore, can not do without cars, pedestrians are rarely seen. However, it should be used! I think of the beach, because if you want the extra work you can in these places that are looking for. Although the job has little city (culture shock)! My biggest advice is keep the speed down to the extra work! Go on a quest as soon as possible, or we visit the places where you would like to do and then decide. Because if you ask for a job where you can see the first ad, you may miss a better job just because you have not asked elsewhere. I can give you a job even if there are no ads and do not require active workers (another culture shock)! Literally come in and ask if they need someone to speak highly and it is quite possible that you hire part-time. Just as soon as possible with the team when they arrive, however, quickly passed year.

Experience with employer High Sierra Pools was positive.
I am pleased with the company for which I worked. For the High Sierra in I asked at an earlier stage and I heard positive impressions. My experience was positive, too. When you get people from the company you to the office where you all explain how to log on to the computer, giving you a uniform and everything else you need. Then comes accommodation in flats. I first settled in an apartment in which he located another five people, but the apartment was big enough, with two bathrooms, with all the right equipment and everything was clean. The rent is deducted from your salary, accommodation provided by the company itself. Moreover, I happened to me a few days later move into my apartment near the pool, where we were just three of us, and I had the whole room to ourselves. Well, it happens that, too. At the pool I was working hard in the beginning because I wanted to learn everything immediately, so it is better to give yourself some time to adjust. Basically, if your pool for more gards, you will have a more experienced whose job it is known, and you can consult a supervisor if you are unsure. We got all the phone numbers, to call someone from the company if you want a different schedule, a day etc. Basically you have two days off a week, but often we want as little as possible for a better hourly rate. The company organizes some meetings, tournaments but I was the best trip in Ocean City. As for the payments was not a failure, it is transparent, you can see how many hours you included, in any way, so you can check for yourself. I was always on time.

This review represents personal opinion of Aleksandar who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2016 with agency AYUSA, working at High Sierra Pools in Lorton, VA.

Nov 23, 2016