Sean Ready Meat and Fish Market, Nantucket MA, Work and Travel Group

Experience with agency Work & Travel Group was negative.
The agency consciously sent 15 people to the employer who had been complained by students in the past years. When I contacted the agency for assistance and said that they did not need to cooperate with him anymore, they said: "We can not because he employs many students" What's that supposed to mean? This means that the agency is absolutely not interested in how you will be there, whether the contract is honored and whether you need help. For the entire year, my roommates and I were looking for help and we finished the program so we were barely waiting to return home. I DON'T recommend this agency to anyone.

Experience with location Nantucket, MA was positive.
The island is beautiful and safe. The beaches are beautiful. Earnings are great, the hours are pretty high, $ 12 +, childcare $ 20 / $ 25, housekeeping $ 17. The only thing you should not choose this place is if you want to have fun because there is no place to go out on the island.

Experience with employer Sean Ready Meat and Fish Market was negative.
I don't know where to start. No item in the contract has been honored. It was said that we would have 35-40h, we had only a bit of average on the whole season. Overtime does not exist, even if you are working for more than 40 hours, everything is still paying you $ 12. Because employer provided us home, in contract was written 7-10 people and rent for $ 150-200, us were 16 on two bathrooms, of which only 1 were funcioned properly, and the rent was $214 PER WEEK. The deposit in the contract writes $ 200 and the call came three days before departure to America that if we think we are crossing the border that we have to give the agency $ 800 of deposit because the employer so requested (???????) The employer didn't respond to the e-mails, nor did he wait us on the ferry because he was busy, so we took a taxi. I am sorry that there is no option to insert a document here in comment as image of my checks of $ 5, $ 17, $ 25 . A man who is not open at all, you don't have a fix schedule, we did not have the internet for a month in the house that was in the tow, we did not have tv, basic dish, blankets or pillows. When the boy quit, he shouted at him and called him a piece of shit. I honestly do not recommend to anyone to choose this employer because they will turn you all year into torture and fight. As far as our deposit is concerned, Sean refused to come to the house to inspect the house in order to get us a deposit, and he lied that the landlord had to do it (he rented a house from another man for 6 months, what means that we paid my house for 6 months and not 4 even we were there only 4) the deposit is still not returned to us.

This review represents personal opinion of Danijela who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2017 with agency Work & Travel Group, working at Sean Ready Meat and Fish Market in Nantucket, MA.

Oct 25, 2017