Mount Olympus

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  • Hours: 7.50 Hours per week: 70-90 I was selling tickets .. I got a lot of lessons .. from 9 am to 6 pm, and then if you want you can also clean the park and so on, and I get more hours .. I got a second job at a restaurant as a server .. So I used out and burned in a restaurant on the afternoon shift and sometimes I stayed longer in the park to do somewhat ... So I worked a lot every day .. But always ends around 21-22 hours and then go to sleep .. But I tell you, if you want you can i Walllmart which is 10 minutes and with bike on the night shift until 4 in the morning .. Wallmart always people need .. but I did not want to undermine the health .. my goal was to get the money back that I invested hundreds of parents, I lived a whole year of at its own expense and experienced this kind of life and coping because not all there, black and white, and teaching you that experience to become your little man .. I traveled back and save the money to pay for next season .. So I met your goals .. Hours in Wisconsin 7.25 minimum required by law but is mostly unfortunately all employers, and holding more or less hourly .. but if you will not have Jamaican buddy or friend who wants to work .. so small that the steam is realistic is if you work after 12-13 hours day at the end of you stay plus 3,000 or $ 4,000 ... so for serious couples do at this place .. Go to Alaska or elsewhere to work for hourly rate $ 10 .. it makes a big difference ... But I pleased all in all though I was returning ..

  • Wage per hour : 7.5 Number of hours per week : 80 Average tips : They have a lot of small souvenir shop inside the water park , everyone gets their store. The job is easy and a very interesting, you talk a lot with people, so English can be perfected.

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