The Fudgery, North Carolina, Viking

Experience with agency Viking travel was positive.
Sustainable, I got all the paperwork in time, without any qualms.

Experience with location Duck, NC was positive.
Duck location where I worked and lived is a fairly quiet place with lots of greenery and it is on the very island. People are very polite, positive and ready help. I didn't have any bad experience.

Experience with employer The Fudgery was positive.
My experience with employers is very positive. The first day I had very nice welcome and placed in the house in Duck where I was working. They led me to the whole job and were extremely patient, responsive and compliant. I have no objections, and that is the best experience I have ever had. I lived and worked with 8 girls from different countries and employers did everything to feel good and comfortable. If someone wants to work in Fudgery and if have that chance, I definitely give green light because you will not make a mistake. The names of the managers are John and Matia that you know exactly who I am and I could not go to America.

This review represents personal opinion of Martina who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2013 with agency Viking travel, working at The Fudgery in Duck, NC.

Jul 6, 2017