Playlands Castaway Cove-Dairy Queen, Ocean City, NJ, Viking travel

Experience with agency Viking travel was positive.
I applied early enough to self option . There were no problems . All my questions I was getting quick and accurate answers .

Experience with location Ocean City, NJ was positive.
It is easy to find another job . The students are mainly working in the stores on the Boardwalk , restaurants, hotels ... Ocean City is a tourist town , intended for the family holiday . Personally , I had no need for another job because my first job out to meet you , and I received a lot of hours . It is a safe city . Near Atlantic City , convenient to shopping and night life since the night life in the OC does and he himself banned alcohol . Also , in addition to OC , there is a Somers Point , the city ( c ) in whose bars after work often gather locals and students . In addition , Somers Point is a good choice to buy food because the food ( and everything else ) more expensive in OC than in SP . Otherwise , money is mainly spent on food so that it can certainly save you .

Experience with employer Dairy Queen was positive.
Hourly: 8.50$ Number of hours per week : In the beginning 45h later around 65h . Average tip : 20-40$ per day Dairy Queen is located within the Playland amusement park . Work has included the preparation of ice cream . so called. Blizzard , the preparation of different smoothie , milkshake and other products , and of course sell them on order . Also , workspace daily thoroughly cleaned . Opening hours we were mainly 11 : 30-5 and 7 - closure ( in a strong season all the work done to about 0:30 , sometimes later , sometimes earlier ) . At first I was not easy , because I met with a bunch of new information , instructions on how they should work , etc. , or approximately 10 days is enough to fine- spy in the job and then everything works automatically . Colleagues and superiors were to wish for. We guarded plot " on the side " and we lived on tips . Employer We provide accommodation ( $ 85 per week ) , and we took off from this place , which was on a weekly basis .

This review represents personal opinion of Maja who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2015 with agency Viking travel, working at Dairy Queen in Ocean City, NJ.

Aug 14, 2016