Mike’s Seafood, Sea Isle City, NJ, Viking Travel

Experience with agency Viking travel was neutral.
Agency as the agency, nothing special. They were a bit cramped, but I did not have any major problems with them.

Experience with location Sea Isle City, NJ was positive.
A quiet and safe town. I like it, but some might insult the lack of places to go out. There may be three, four places where young people go out, which was more than enough for me.

Experience with employer Mikes Seafood was negative.
The first thing I have to say is: anyone who wrote before me that working with this man was a positive experience, he or she is not normal. Before you want to work for this employer, first ask yourself an important question: are you a masochist? If you enjoy the fact that someone yell with no reason to you and your other colleagues, you never know how he will respond to the most beleaguered request, and that you are practically demanding the behavior of the obedient little European commodity, then just elect, that is your employer from dreams. For everyone else, this is my experience. The first and most important thing is overtime, which is one of the items for which I have accepted this job. According to the contract with this employer we should have enough working hours and he does not allow other work. However, when you get there, you find out how things stand. Some of you will be sent to Ocean City to work with his friend, which means that: 1) you will not have overtime or you will have a lot less because it goes to a special check and counts as another job 2) you will also have fewer hours of work, because you only arrive at around 12, or 1 pm, and work until 9pm, at the latest up to 10 pm 3) You will earn much less from your colleagues who, for reasons known only to him, do not send to Ocean City 4) If you are one of these unfortunates, those promised 70 hours is unlikely to be experienced. Maybe at the peak of the season for a maximum of 2 weeks ... maybe The second important thing is that there is no schedule, or the schedule you get about midnight the day before, and sometimes even later. There were also cases where we got the order in the morning about 7 am, and according to that schedule we should work that day at 7.30 am. Regarding the schedule is that you never know when you have a free day, you can only speculate. But that is not all. There is a possibility that Mike will send you home if you do not have too much work, or if you make him angry. You never know how to react. For example, I felt bad one day and I was not able to work. I have frequent problems with the sinuses and I worked all night without problems, but that day I could not. I tried to explain it pretty well, he interrupted me in the middle of it saying, that's when you drink a lot of alcohol. Believe me, it was not that ridiculous to me. That week I had a total of 4 free days, not because I was looking for them, and I did not need it, but because I dared to feel bad one day. The other girl initially tried to show that she wanted to learn and tried to work with the customers what Mike made upset and decided that she would not have to come to work tomorrow. Why? Because he was doing his job? Mike is always late in the morning with the opening of the market while we are waiting for him in the house and staring out the window when he comes. If Mike is bad luck, and that is very common, it is not wise to delay you a minute or a minute because you could come home. What matters in this story is that Mike as an employer has no respect for his workers, his job-related decisions are completely illogical and unclear, and his behavior is extremely irrational and psychotic at times. Also, if there is any chance of getting him out of paying for what you earned by honest work and what you deserve, he will be able to use it. Believe me, you do not want to work for such an employer. The only positive thing is the rest of the team at work who is backing the balance in that story.

This review represents personal opinion of Jelena who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2017 with agency Viking travel, working at Mikes Seafood in Sea Isle City, NJ.

Oct 30, 2017