Minot, ND

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  • The city is small and there is time for fun but for work is perfect.

  • The city is boring. No something special to see. Americans are generally friendly and willing to help. Conveniently located at the second, third job. At every main job had as many as 30 hours of overtime.

  • Second job is very easy to find, I changed six jobs. Hours are good, has a variety of tasks. The city is vast, not very exciting, but there are few places to hang out. There are plenty of fast food restaurants, which means a lot of work.

  • Minot is a great city, there is no public transport, ie. has from nine to five every hour, so you either walk or go by bicycle (we, the newcomers, Americans do not walk). There is a mall, a couple of cafes, a lot of fast-food restaurants, the zoo, the movies, but it all away. Other work can be quite easy to find. The food is terrible. We had accommodation in a motel, next to which was a pump that works 24/7.

  • Very easy to find another job , the city is boring and there is no social life . People are friendly and polite. The right working atmosphere .

  • Additional work can be found at every step , but only if you are willing to work .. I had two jobs with the same employer , as well as overtime. The city is not particularly big either for fun, but there are plenty of students who are mainly held together, so the fun never lack.

  • The city is boring , but other job is very easy to find . Hours are relatively good , although not very high , considering that it comes to North Dakota . I had long hours and at one and the other job , so I'm more than satisfied .

  • City is not special, but the job has on every corner , for those who came to work .

  • City where you comes to earn.

  • Great choice of extra job without any problems , all are very positive and patient , I've made many friends who have given me great help during the work

  • People are positive and open, second job is easy to find . Poorly organized public transport, but it is not a big problem. There are places to hang out , shopping mall , Walmart .

  • It is not a tourist town , nightlife is fine ( once you get used to everything is working till 1 , and that this is a small town that does not offer a lot of varietys ) . On the other hand, are continually opening new jobs , so it is not difficult to find another job.

  • It is possible to find an extra job at every turn .

  • The possibility of finding additional work is great , almost on every corner employ , hourly rate from $ 7 - $ 12 , night life there because the city when the city " dead " . A small peaceful town in which there are a few bars that are open until 1 hour after midnight , and then the only thing that works , and where you can meet people pump . Prices are too high therefore because of the high per diems and lots of job opportunities as well as oil wells which there are plenty . People are normal as well as in Serbia , around there are all kinds . All in all who aims only to make money and doing no opportunity for fun , this is the right place for him .

  • Minot is okay as a city . It's great for profits , because he does not have a place to spend money . There are a couple of clubs , shopping center , a beautiful park , a lot of fast-food restaurants , and so much to do . Additional job is very easy to find , hours are satisfactory . The problem is transportation , but it somehow solve .

  • Minot as the city is not interesting , there is no place to spend money, there are a couple places to go out , the zoo , when we were in was Fair, but it was fun. We lived in a motel , Guest Lodge after four in one room with two beds, microwave and refrigerator . Additional job is very easy to find , all employ students . . Captain not bad . Basically all provide enough hours .

  • Pretty boring place without too many options for entertainment and no tourist attraction. The positive experience of finding another job because they are too many .

  • The town is boring, but good for earnings. The second job is very easy to find when you want to do.

  • As regards other work , it was very easy to find it . The city is not something particularly interesting , but there is a shopping mall and a couple of places that we could go and have some fun .

  • The second , third , fifth , tenth job is very easy to find and schedule were satisfactory . The city as a city and did something interesting, but it was a good team , but we are still a good time wherever we are . We lived in a motel Guest Lodge , which is terrible , but fairly inexpensive to Minot .

  • The town is awfully boring and depressing , there are a couple of clubs but nothing special. But because of finding the extra work is concerned, can be found at every turn. If you want, you can do the job and 4 . It all depends from person to person. The people are very nice and go out to meet whenever necessary .

  • Boring and strange city, but you can find a club or bar where to exit . Americans are friendly, willing to help and are very friendly . At every step of seeking workers. You can easily find second , third work or on your primary have overtime .

  • Small town , which has 40,000 people . Nothing happens , and the ability to exit will be 0. Experience with finding another job : Not only employers joined so hard to plant a work schedule that you can not or difficult you can do another job , that is . you are constantly changing work .

  • There is nothing easier than to find a second , third job in Minot . There is work as much as you want, wherever you turn . It's just that you do not pray for them to come to work . The hotel was very easy to find a job , because they have more than 30 hotels and almost everywhere to be workers. Minot most people work in the oil fields and buildings , so I'm just missing workers in restaurants , supermarkets , ... A job somewhere , I do not like it , quit for a couple of days but you start to work elsewhere and so ... As for Minot , no bass lot of places to go , most people who are there, there are only about the job . There are a couple of bars, not bad. Not much of a choice, but still can be found a hobby . There are parks , zoo , cinema, bowling alley, ... At the beginning of July is a festival that lasts for 5.6 days. Worth a go .

  • The city is not something very big but it is ok . What do I know , I was ok or maybe change the city next year , I will in the Bismarck. Is much greater . Although Minot is supposed to be better as a for profit and that extracting oil . Conduit was ok , since we know that the Serbs are kidding :)

  • The place is very quiet, there is no crime , bars are open until 1, but there exist after party ... and all the students were accommodated in a hotel , so there are students from all over the world and never boring ...

  • Additional job is really very easy and very doable to find. The city is in a development and required workforce. The climate is very pleasant in the summer, just right for the job, the average is about 20 degrees. Nightlife is quite bad, but in my personal experience not. I've had a good time.

  • The town is boring, doesn't have some attractions. Although when doing two half-full work, anyway you, since hardly get to sleep an hour. They had a flood a few years ago and all bikes were destroyed, making it difficult to find a second-hand before they leave Thais, Jamaicans and others that can be found in some stores Used things. New at the market cost about $ 100 and it is not very good quality.

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