Applebee’s, Minot, Inpsirit

Experience with agency Inspirit was positive.
With me they were extremely correct and complied with all as I talked to my colleagues, too ... This year I'm going with them because I did not have any problems before, and none of those who went with me also ...

Experience with location Minot, ND was positive.
The place is very quiet, there is no crime , bars are open until 1, but there exist after party ... and all the students were accommodated in a hotel , so there are students from all over the world and never boring ...

Experience with employer Applebee’s was positive.
$ 12 per hour ... 50 hours a week Job description: Food preparation by order.

This review represents personal opinion of Vladimir T. who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2012 with agency Inspirit, working at Applebee’s in Minot, ND.

Jul 15, 2016