Wendy’s, Minot, Work and Travel Group

Experience with agency Work & Travel Group was negative.
There is a lot of what resented my whole group . First of all , they did not answer the e-mails. I understand that the Agency receives a lot of mail, but again, some of us at least 10 in one city on one mail can not answer. In fact , we received a mail like 'you know that will be like that, you do not have the right to complain'. Furthermore, the apartment we had to work around 2km. At first we went on foot , and we later bikes. Rain , wind, night, and we both main road. Apparently no one thought that we will be coming back to my home four , sometimes even five in the morning on the highway , where no one but us not to go by bike . They do not care for it.

Experience with location Minot, ND was positive.
There is nothing easier than to find a second , third job in Minot . There is work as much as you want, wherever you turn . It's just that you do not pray for them to come to work . The hotel was very easy to find a job , because they have more than 30 hotels and almost everywhere to be workers. Minot most people work in the oil fields and buildings , so I'm just missing workers in restaurants , supermarkets , ... A job somewhere , I do not like it , quit for a couple of days but you start to work elsewhere and so ... As for Minot , no bass lot of places to go , most people who are there, there are only about the job . There are a couple of bars, not bad. Not much of a choice, but still can be found a hobby . There are parks , zoo , cinema, bowling alley, ... At the beginning of July is a festival that lasts for 5.6 days. Worth a go .

Experience with employer Wendy's was negative.
Hours: 10 $ Number of hours per week: The number of hours depends. Someone had 20, some 60$. Average tip: tip no Description Employer: Disaster. In the fast food restaurant I've worked more in life. I do not know whether it is just you and Wendy's was so desperate or so for the other. Basically, we were not satisfied at all. The main manager was horrible for us. Our agency we complained, they did not respond are not, so we complained sponsorship agency. They really helped us, actually, have tried to help us. She came to us, the main manager of the Wendy's Dakota, we wanted to help. However, we are only Serbs who came here in a few months, and Bob (the desk was our manager) is a man who is whole life in Wendy's and whom life on that and down. It not worth that we complained, everything remains the same. What is actually the problem? At the beginning it was not so bad, because there were not enough people. However, after ten days, students from Thailand went home, and they have hired a couple of new people. So we have at each position of a man. Sometimes they are really big crowds and certainly not enough to be the only one. If you need to work on American sandwiches, then they put two, if it is scheduled a Serb, then he can be himself. Well remember this-pretend stupid! We are idiots because we were the first day of trying to make a sandwich as soon as possible to what looks better that meat and fries still has that fresh ... A amerikanci..E, they fine-slow, all slowly. A sandwich after sandwich, not like me, 10 at a time. And then the managers put them both in two at one position, so they basically did not even difficult. And we morons at the beginning of the show that we can, but we are putting to the last day in the same position.

This review represents personal opinion of Sanja who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2013 with agency Work & Travel Group, working at Wendy's in Minot, ND.

Jul 26, 2016