Behms travel center, Minot, Inspirit

Experience with agency Inspirit was negative.
I don't have compliments. And for criticism I need two A4 paper. Inexperienced are , are very expensive and do not give students that go with self program. Not helping students do not have contact with employers , and while you are in USA do not help at all. I give every business students was that you asked or not ie . Do not overlook that you 'll love the job or not . And that's just the beginning ... ..

Experience with location Minot, ND was positive.
Small town , which has 40,000 people . Nothing happens , and the ability to exit will be 0. Experience with finding another job : Not only employers joined so hard to plant a work schedule that you can not or difficult you can do another job , that is . you are constantly changing work .

Experience with employer Behms travel center was negative.
Hours: 10 $ Number of hours per week : 40 Average tips : 0

This review represents personal opinion of Robi who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2013 with agency Inspirit, working at Behms travel center in Minot, ND.

Aug 4, 2016