Forest Hill lodge and cabin, New York, KOUZON

Experience with agency Kouzon was positive.
Committed to their job and very pleasant for communication. Very pleasant cooperation, praise!

Experience with location Lake George, NY was positive.
Lake George, a small quiet tourist town, beautiful nature and the environment, lives only at summer.

Experience with employer Forest Hill lodge and cabin was positive.
Wonderful people, like I was home! Theye care about everything, they gave me several hours and I worked literally everything in the hotel, they trained me, and I, and if I came to the contract as a maid worked at the front desk, and store ... of course I was trying to earn all or they are definitely something special. I got an offer to come back to them next year, nice bonus, and most importantly new friends because in wasn't an employer-employee relationship. Accommodation was phenomenal!

This review represents personal opinion of Sladjana who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2016 with agency Kouzon, working at Forest Hill lodge and cabin in Lake George, NY.

Oct 28, 2016