Boston, MA

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  • Boston is a beautiful city with a wide diversity of population and very beautiful neighboring regions. Being open to the ocean and close to New York and Washington, it's definitely worth visiting at least once.

  • Great location, you always have something fun to do and to see. Great city, great people, bus and train lines well connected. I love it.

  • I can not talk about finding another job because I never asked. Opening hours at the pool is very inconvenient to take another job, and the schedule is not fixed, but is generally free days changing from week to week. But when it came to really love and because I believe that it can and to achieve ? In general in Boston has a job who wants to work. As for the city as a city, Boston is really beautiful, three years in a row going there and the next I will also ? I'm in grad ?

  • Boston is a beautiful city that allows students to see a lot of beautiful things. Also , the city where live a very successful and educated people of which may be enough to teach and to conclude a great friendship. The city is more expensive for the world, but definitely worth it. Everything is expensive, but it's good earnings . A city that is certainly worth a visit !

  • The most beautiful and cleanest city on the east coast , great people , a lot cheaper supermarkets than in nearby countries

  • It's hard to find another job because everyone wants to hire a permanent because it is a big city, we have lucky to met with Bosnian and he threw us to the intercontinental :)

  • Beautiful city! Quiet, safe, not too big but not small, I really felt there at home. Accommodation is expensive and it is a little harder to find an average room cost about $ 1,000 , but if you have someone to share a room that's not a problem . In every part of the city arrives very quickly by subway , which works very well . Additional work can be found , just need to be persistent. In any event, I fell in love the city and would recommend anyone to visit at least once :)

  • I was in no position to find a second job (if I truly tried), for two simple reasons: working time at the pool where I mostly worked, it was very inconvenient, a work schedule (including days off) are constantly changing from week to week ... As far as night life, a nightclub and a pub (though this is a small town near Boston) if we didn't organized internal house parties, I'd gone crazy from the monotony. :) The climate is very good, regardless of the temperature changes , except for a couple of stormy days, during which, I must emphasize, even if those days in the schedule were mostly classified as working days - we have not been paid (note: read job offers to the smallest detail, before the signature and clearly decide that you are doing the job of rescuers). Regardless, I'd worked in Boston, just another job :) The locals are very friendly and sociable. There are plenty of Russians, Indians, Brazilians, and the classic "hardcore" of Americans, easily recognizable by the generosity and strong attitude without compromise ...

  • Boston is extra , a lot of young , they say the city that most resembles European capitals ... There areHarvard and Cambridge , so it is full of students . We had a great ( in part because we had the company car because your buddy worked as a driver , and the car did not have a GPS ... : D ) Accommodation: Accommodation was excellent , but the price was slightly higher (98 $ per week). We had furnished apartments with beds, chairs , tables, cutlery , towels, bedding ...

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