Omni Parker House, Boston, Massachusets, AYUSA

Experience with agency AYUSA was positive.
Excellent cooperation , azure , responsible , professional and above all realistic. Unlike many other agencies , it will not sell you a fairy tale , but will tell you everything as it is . They don't condition you to buy the ticket through them. They are always ready to help and to answer any questions , really all recommendations.

Experience with location Boston, MA was positive.
Beautiful city! Quiet, safe, not too big but not small, I really felt there at home. Accommodation is expensive and it is a little harder to find an average room cost about $ 1,000 , but if you have someone to share a room that's not a problem . In every part of the city arrives very quickly by subway , which works very well . Additional work can be found , just need to be persistent. In any event, I fell in love the city and would recommend anyone to visit at least once :)

Experience with employer Omni Parker House was positive.
Hours : Number of hours per week : 40 Prosek tip ( week) : 30 The company is very professional , they give a lot an also ask a lot from you. They take care of their workers , organized training where you learn how to do everything , you have lunch at the hotel , the salary comes every week. In return you are seeking to be a professional and to fulfill the requirements of the hotel, as well as to give your best in business terms . The work is hard, more psychologically than physically , because you are always in a hurry to finish everything on time , which is sometimes very difficult . However , when all things considered , I am very pleased with the employer

This review represents personal opinion of Neda who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2015 with agency AYUSA, working at Omni Parker House in Boston, MA.

Jul 15, 2016