Continental Pools, Boston, Work Abroad

Experience with agency Work Abroad was positive.
I went through an agency Work Abroad , I wanted to go as a lifeguard and I heard that they are the best for this purpose. And really everything was we talked a price program was ridiculous small in comparison to others ($ 700 of which us $ 250 back at the end of the last check) . They're not known, but I went on the recommendation of a friend and I'm definitely going again this year.

Experience with location Boston, MA was neutral.
Boston is extra , a lot of young , they say the city that most resembles European capitals ... There areHarvard and Cambridge , so it is full of students . We had a great ( in part because we had the company car because your buddy worked as a driver , and the car did not have a GPS ... : D ) Accommodation: Accommodation was excellent , but the price was slightly higher (98 $ per week). We had furnished apartments with beds, chairs , tables, cutlery , towels, bedding ...

Experience with employer Continental Pools was positive.
8.5$ per hour Tips 0 :), Earnings of approximately 2000$ mounthly Job description: I had fifteen minutes to the pool with bike , swim par length , check the mixture and let people enter . 45 minutes 15 minutes break right (sometimes on a break I go to the gym rotter : D). 8 home, waiting for partners to come to the car and into the city :)

This review represents personal opinion of DuKa who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2010 with agency Work Abroad, working at Continental Pools in Boston, MA.

Jul 11, 2016