High Sierra Pools, Boston, MA, AYUSA

Experience with agency AYUSA was positive.
My experience with this agency is positive and would recommend the same to everyone. After reporting on the program interested get real information about what they can expect from the program of work, wages and so on. No lies, no deception. Students in America are not left on their own but have the support of the agency when they arrive there, which is very important.

Experience with location Boston, MA was neutral.
I can not talk about finding another job because I never asked. Opening hours at the pool is very inconvenient to take another job, and the schedule is not fixed, but is generally free days changing from week to week. But when it came to really love and because I believe that it can and to achieve ? In general in Boston has a job who wants to work. As for the city as a city, Boston is really beautiful, three years in a row going there and the next I will also ? I'm in grad ?

Experience with employer High Sierra Pools was positive.
Hourly: Regular: 10 Overtime: 15 Number of hours per week: 50 Average tip (weekly): 3 consecutive years doing this job, but I'm the first time this year working for this company. As far as the savior of work, can be soooo boring, but I think an easier job than this does not exist. The pools are generally small in Boston so it's not a problem keep an eye on things. The job is really easy. As far as the company everything was more or less ok. I think I had the best supervisors ever, which really set chummy towards to his crew so that the respect was mutual and never have any problem with him, no one had. The timetable is ok ie. are you signed to'll get. They were fair as regards hours and still have all the same, on average, had a same hours. The apartments are mostly great, only bigger gripe about the apartment are inflatable mattresses to sleep on. Not totally uncomfortable, can not sleep on them, but it's a bed, even if only a safe comfortable mattress. At the end of the season if you're doing this job just do not expect that you will make something that a lot of money, or to the agency and say when you are applying for. You'll have enough to travel, buy myself something and perhaps a little more to stay if you are just squeezing ?

This review represents personal opinion of Sandra who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2016 with agency AYUSA, working at High Sierra Pools in Boston, MA.

Oct 5, 2016