High Sierra Pools, Boston, Massachusetts, AYUSA

Experience with agency AYUSA was neutral.
I have applyed for Work & amp ; Travel program in late February , and I was forced to go through a bit demotivacione comments like " you will not be able to find a job , the job will find you " and " I do not know what are the chances that you find any kind of job except this one , and it is the job of rescuers . " Reading between the lines of this statement , I have accepted the fact that they will propose some not so popular and profitable job, which was left at that point, but desire to work in the United States would not let me , so I decided to say yes . Maybe people from the agencies were only realistic , not accusing , also do not deny that the individuals had very good experience with the same agency, but this is my personal experience . Passing this ( their or my ) failure , everything was in place, a very good organization , very nice people . Also, e-mails , notices , information (even down to the smallest detail) , all deadlines are respected fully.

Experience with location Boston, MA was negative.
I was in no position to find a second job (if I truly tried), for two simple reasons: working time at the pool where I mostly worked, it was very inconvenient, a work schedule (including days off) are constantly changing from week to week ... As far as night life, a nightclub and a pub (though this is a small town near Boston) if we didn't organized internal house parties, I'd gone crazy from the monotony. :) The climate is very good, regardless of the temperature changes , except for a couple of stormy days, during which, I must emphasize, even if those days in the schedule were mostly classified as working days - we have not been paid (note: read job offers to the smallest detail, before the signature and clearly decide that you are doing the job of rescuers). Regardless, I'd worked in Boston, just another job :) The locals are very friendly and sociable. There are plenty of Russians, Indians, Brazilians, and the classic "hardcore" of Americans, easily recognizable by the generosity and strong attitude without compromise ...

Experience with employer High Sierra Pools was neutral.
Hours 9 $ Hours per week: 46-50 Average tip (weekly ): 0 The company as a company ( ie , Steering Committee ) makes a couple of people in the (presumably ) full-time employee , all the rest ( hierarchically down) is variable in character from season to season, and the organization from the beginning and at the end of the program , it was very bad , not to say , terible. We were doing our jobs, paid us for it, the details better not go into , but I do not believe that there is enough room for everything that I could write !

This review represents personal opinion of 2M who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2015 with agency AYUSA, working at High Sierra Pools in Boston, MA.

Jul 15, 2016