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  • My position was Spa Attendant, it's the worst possible position there is at a hotel and don't ever accept it. My hourly rate was $ 10.5 an hour. For 40 business hours, my pay check was when taxes and rent ($ 100) were deducted about $ 270 which is tragic, never over. Overtime they never gave me and you won't have it for sure. There are 3 shifts, 7-3, that shift in the main Americans gets and it can hit you 1-2 times a week which is very bad for another job. Shift 10-6, between shifts, a lost day neither here nor there. And the 12-8 shift you will be most comfortable with if you accept that job and go there. With this shift, you have absolutely no chance of doing a 2nd job. Business as a job is not difficult, it is simple and it is not difficult. The manager is not bad, but she is not good either, she has been in the business for years, she can be very inconvenient.

  • Good cooperation.

  • Twice at program, the same employer; Overtime has been throughout the season, I worked 6 days a week, the hourly wage was $ 5 plus tip (about $ 500 a week); I worked a second job in The Villa - garden stuff, the hourly wage was $ 12, it was quite easy, I'm organized weather, correct the owners.

  • $ 5.5 per hour + tips Hours not that great, but the tips are more than excellent. You can easily earn 500-600 USD a week. I am one week and came out on the 850 format. It is only 40 hours a week, which means that you will have 2 or 3 days off.

  • $ 9.50, overtime 14.50, about 45 hours per week Morning meeting with the manager where we were given tasks for the day, ie. rooms that need to clean up. Dan flowed depending on the number of guests, with their early or late arrivals or departures. Once the day was relaxed, and sometimes we had to work hastily and without a break.

  • $ 5 a hour, but with the tips reach up to 16 $ on average, and sometimes more Job Description: The removal takes about 7 am, but to stay if needed overtime to gooood paid. You must be prepared for tough shifts and be smiling from morning to night: D. Managers are totally ok, are correct, and are always coming out to meet us on the free days and so on ... There are 4 restaurants, a schedule and specific obligations depend on the position and restaurants ... Total tips are deployed to all waiters, without "hiding love by pockets ".

  • $ 9 for 40 hours a week, tips about $ 150 a month (miserable, but don't have what to do) Job description: I worked a long shift, come to work and catch the dishes, or cystic kitchen, tossing garbage ... there's a lot of wisecracks, because the job is not seeking any experience and you do not need some knowledge of language. Oh, yes, now there were 2 kitchens, smaller and larger, and both have showers for the run-off dishes, but to go down to the crates and fed into a machine that normally works at 170 degrees, which means that it is very hot and a lot of steam because the ventilation is perfect ...

  • $ 9.5 overtime possible, if you want to do :) monthly tips, a nice feeling to wait for a check 10.tog the month ? Job Description: You get a couple of rooms (6+), at the beginning may seem like hard work, but you get used to all, not at all the dirty work, though it is 4-5 star hotel :) you change the linens, towels, cleaning bathrooms, dust , all that each of us at least once worked at home "guess" ? People who already work there are great, will help in all. I do not need any special knowledge of English, all this science in a few weeks ?

  • $ 9 tips miserable on a monthly basis about 120 $, still 40 hours per week Job description: Washing dishes and kitchen maintenance in short, there are two kitchens, so that you western ? There are 5 restaurants in yourself is to maintain the courts from all 5 clean, counting plates, pans, pots, plates and other dishes. When there is not much eye wash cleaning vessels, clean the kitchen, floor, walls, metal surfaces, utility room (always full of food ?) Then supply the cafeteria juices, food and everything else. Sometimes even chopping and preparing food. After a pretty hard job, working with hot water under steam until the washed dishes ... but it had its advantages, continuous 40-hour break every day no matter if it is crowded or ne..kuvari us who supplied the food ?

  • The timetable is $ 9.5, a tip on a monthly basis is good, it is on average 40 hours a week. Business Houseman is to maintain storage housekeeping on each of the floors of the hotel. This includes the adoption and sorting of clean towels and bed linen, as well as the removal of garbage, dirty laundry and dirty dishes and folding it into the kitchen. Much of the work day is done in an elevator, because the job is very dynamic.

  • $ 9 an hour, 50 $ tipping a week and 40 hours a week Washing dishes, emptying bins in the kitchen, cleaning and scrubbing the kitchen. If you can avoid this position, because in this employer (Ocean House) you can find a much better position. Weak is the percentage of the monthly service charge, more precisely 3% of the total stock tips, which come out about $ 150 a month, while the other positions received drastically bigger tips.

  • 9.5 per hour, about 200 monthly bonus, about a week 37 hours Spa attendant is one of the worst positions that you can get at this hotel, primarily due to earnings at all other positions except for the larger kitchen help, and sometimes housekeeping positions. The work is not hard, what's more, the hard part is that you are on your feet all 7,8h because there is no where to sit down (of course, when the manager is not there you can also take a nap if you need not just to sit down). After arriving at work if you work the first shift first thing you are doing is making today's newspapers and magazines, filling a bowl with ice, passing a bottle of water, turning saunas etc. This is followed by wiping dust, mirrors, floors, vacuuming .. When the guests begin to come to oneself is that they introduce, explain where they are, show me how to use a locker, use water and snacks etc. After the guests leave comes the dirty work such as collecting used towels and carry them to the basement where they go to wash. It is necessary to constantly visit all parts of the spa center, such as a gym, swimming pool, male and female locker rooms, rest room, terrace, locker rooms for the beach, etc. in order at any time, everything was perfectly clean and filled with a clean towel, soap, etc. Hotel otherwise has 4 stars and 5 stars SPA center is the largest and terror in the sense that everything has to be perfect for alleged Forbes inspection, which otherwise is visiting each of the hotel ranked 1 year and decides whether retain the same number of stars, or that they will eliminate / add some. The SPA center of most of the staff is very young. And all colleagues, including managers are extremely correct. Menu each time I went out to meet when I asked for the day off, or in the form of scheduling so that I could fit in work on additional work.

  • Hours: 10.50 $ Number of hours per week: 40 Average payoff: 70 $ per month Description Employer: Hotel is a luxurious, five-star, just google little and everything will be clear. I recommend this employer, is one of the best if not the best offer Wagon travel. First mistake to interview me was that I said that I still ie what position I'm going to get and of course, I got the worst: steward (dishwasher). This is the worst position, much like wet from the shower that you rinse dishes before inserting it into the machine, "trucks" dirty dishes behind you, the more you wash, the more dirty dishes there, and all this for only $ 9 per hour. To my luck that I deal only worked two days, because they needed a night cleaner. (Overnight cleaner) e the job is all ok, only the accident as night shift comes from 23h to 7.30.h. But no work under pressure during the night manager who does not have you standing over your head, you changed chefs night around 3 am good food. A job as a job applicant: dishwasher hundred dishwasher does not get to finish, and often leave a lot of dishes. Then, moping floors, eject trash cans in a machine that sorts, and from both the kitchen, washing the hood, etc ... Safes once you ask that drains water wash, etc ... But, again, there is no pressure, I knew the meal break to the right up to an hour, the road to get out and get in a little on the internet, because the other night workers often used the smoke pause, a pause, and sleep and I used the wi fi pause Hours I was 10:50 dollars, still guaranteed 40 hours per week, and monthly tips about $ 70. Accommodation is in a separate motel from which you organize ride to work, the motel is situated about 50 students from all over the world, and all these students working in the Ocean House. Accommodation is decent, rooms with a toilet, refrigerator and microwave for two, a room for 4 have a kitchen. you have a large common room with internet and a shared kitchen and washing machine. Accommodation costs $ 100 a week and is located just a hundred meters from the beach and there you are usually looking for extra work.

  • Hourly: 14 $ Number of hours per week: 40 Average tip: no I worked in a restaurant of the hotel, a big responsibility, but it was good paid. Another old I am and they promoted me to the position. Mainly prepared seafood, sandwiches and salads.

  • Hourly: 10 $ Number of hours per week: Average tip: 90 - 140$ Description Employer: Shift takes about 7-8 hours, except that there is a possibility to send you home early if there is no work, or to stay longer if necessary. Overtime is goooood paid, so ... :) My duties when opening a restaurant were to prepare your desktop to prepare menus, roll ups-e (accessories wrapped in a napkin), prepare computers, programs, check the tables, chairs, assistance servers to prepare as much as possible, provide a list of guests this day arrive in the hotel, in order to know whether there is a notice that must be sorted out ... Smiling you from day to day, there were days when everything went on perfectly, but it was also very stressful days, the guests hard, but it's the job description. My job was to welcome visitors, record their name, arrange seating, and if the crowds do waiting list for the next available table. Managers are always on hand to help you whatever you need and whatever problem you have. Sometimes you will not know the difference between you and the manager because they work just as hard. Honestly, I really like my job and I enjoyed working at Ocean House. This year the experience I would not trade it for anything, and then I went back there. Also, my experience on earnings is positive. Sometimes I did not have the full 40k a week, but I participated in the weekly distribution of tips-and, while all this is compensated. If you have any questions please contact me either here or on facebook called Ivana Jankovic. I hope I have at least a little help. :) Greetings and good luck!

  • Hours 8 $ + tips Hours per week: 32-38 Average tip: $ 100 per week You will have a few days training where they will explain to you what to do and what they expect from you. Work starts very early, around 7 am in the morning and ends about 3 pm. Most of the work is between 7 and 11, when preparing the whole beach and the Dune Cottage for guests. Your job is to set umbrellas, beach chairs, open, clean the deck, tables and bring all the necessary things for the day. (Ice, towels, food, etc.). After that, usually followed by a break of half an hour, after which help the servers, collect dirty towels and trash from the beach. Work can be very physically demanding because the nose heavy things and you're constantly in the sun. It takes a solid knowledge of the English language because you will be in constant contact with guests, they will ask and ask you anything. The good side of the business that you work outdoors, the job is not monotonous, there is always something going on, and in the end you will spend 3 months in the ocean and watch the pretty girls on the beach. :)

  • First job: Hours $ 6.45 Other job: Hours 9.5 month plus tip and overtime 14.25

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