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  • I had more working hours a week than is average for the lifeguards. That automatically means that the contract was respected.

  • Excellent experience, good cooperation with supervisor and all people from the company. High level of organization and expertise.

  • Great communication, positive staff.

  • Great and helpful supervisors.

  • All recommendations, excellent cooperation with the supervisor, the company organizes great events, such as traveling, football tournament, Olympic Games.

  • Excellent cooperation, a contract honored in every sense.

  • Ok experience, a lot of hours per week.

  • Poor treatment.

  • Great experience, without complaint to anything.

  • Some problems at the begin with ADM but later it was ok.

  • This is my second time that I`m working for High Sierra Pools and my experiences are positive. They are company where young, educated international people work and do their best to make every aspect of the contract fulfilled. And I have to say that absolutely everything we signed for they provided to us. I signed the contact for working in the area of Washington DC where they promised us already signed job contact pools, 40-44 hours (weekly),housing. They provided us all of that and even more. For example I had average of around 47 hours per week.

  • The employer provides housing and a transfer from the airport, which is very helpful, especially if this is your first time in the US. But some of the pools were very far from the housing and we did not receive the bikes they had promised us, so we had to buy them ourselves.

  • We chose High Sierra Pools because of the conditions they offer: they hire groups, provide housing and transfer from the airport, lifeguard training conducted in Bulgaria, prior to leaving for the USA. Since I traveled with two friends of mine, it was very important that we would be together. We worked at different pools, but we lived together, which was great. The transfer from the airport and the provided housing are also a great advantage for someone, who is going to a new place so far away from home for the first time and has no idea what to expect. Another advantage is that the deposit for the housing and the rents are deducted from your paychecks, and therefore you start paying bills only after you have earned some money. In most cases you have to pay a considerable amount of money for deposit and first rent even before you have worked a single day. This way, you only need to prepare pocket money enough to pay for food for the first two weeks, before you receive your first paycheck. In 2015 the wage in our state was $9/hour, as far as I know, it's higher now. We had overtime opportunity in the first 2-3 weeks. because the lifeguards from the other countries usually arrive later. During these weeks we worked without a day off, which was actually perfect for us, because you don't really feel like spending money, before you have received your first paycheck, or at least that was the case with us. Plus everything seems so expensive at the beginning :D During the rest of the season we would work 50 hours a week and the hours per day depended on the working hours of your pool. Usually we would work 5 days a week, 10 hours a day, and we would have 2 days off. There were also 1-2 weeks at the end of the season, when we would get to work more hours overtime. Our housing was nothing special: a kitchen, a living room, two bedrooms, a balcony, a bathroom. We slept on air mattresses (from the nice ones :D), there was a table, chairs, dishes, an oven, a fridge, central air conditioner, perfectly enough for the small amount of time we spent there. There were 5 of us living in that apartment: 3 Bulgarians and 2 Czechs, which helped for the cultural part of the program. It was inconvenient that some of the pools were far from our housing. Our supervisor would take us to work and bring us back home, when he had the chance, but sometimes we had to go several miles on foot or by a bicycle. In general, the job is responsible, but very nice as well. After all you get paid for being at the pool all summer long. Our pools were for residents only, so pretty much the same people would come to the pool every day, you get to know them, you talk to them and, if you are lucky like we were, you become friends with them. Honestly, the best thing about our job and the town we lived in was the people we met: extremely friendly, nice, helpful, ready to invite you in their homes and to do as much as they can to make you feel good in their country.

  • The company is one of the better ones that I was heard, and so it turns out. They waited for us at the airport, drove to the accommodation. We talked around dayoff-a, etc around the pool. They are very correct. 54h hours a week on average. The mixture is perfect, from the house until after 15min by walk. Were organized various activities during their stay, some were completely free, and some have had to pay something. One of these was the visit Ocean City.

  • I am pleased with the company for which I worked. For the High Sierra in I asked at an earlier stage and I heard positive impressions. My experience was positive, too. When you get people from the company you to the office where you all explain how to log on to the computer, giving you a uniform and everything else you need. Then comes accommodation in flats. I first settled in an apartment in which he located another five people, but the apartment was big enough, with two bathrooms, with all the right equipment and everything was clean. The rent is deducted from your salary, accommodation provided by the company itself. Moreover, I happened to me a few days later move into my apartment near the pool, where we were just three of us, and I had the whole room to ourselves. Well, it happens that, too. At the pool I was working hard in the beginning because I wanted to learn everything immediately, so it is better to give yourself some time to adjust. Basically, if your pool for more gards, you will have a more experienced whose job it is known, and you can consult a supervisor if you are unsure. We got all the phone numbers, to call someone from the company if you want a different schedule, a day etc. Basically you have two days off a week, but often we want as little as possible for a better hourly rate. The company organizes some meetings, tournaments but I was the best trip in Ocean City. As for the payments was not a failure, it is transparent, you can see how many hours you included, in any way, so you can check for yourself. I was always on time.

  • High Sierra Pools is a company that has a large number of young people from many countries. Despite the fact that the company makes so many internationals they manage to find a common language and the first place they put their "employees", ie. our. What I like eating very organization and approach to business. Also I like you organize gatherings, picnics, visits to sporting events. What I said at the end as a plus is that all the people you cooperate passed through through what you are going through and know exactly how he wants to ask in an interview. When you are away from their loved ones is very important to have someone who will stand by your side and they are doing that, behind every individual that works for them.

  • Great.

  • It was all ok. I liked my employer, I had a lot of hours.

  • They respected the contract, meet the free days, organize events and gatherings where gained new acquaintances, etc.

  • The best companies in this field, we had the most hours of all the lifeguards in Woodbridge, accommodation which was provided to us was excellent, all lifeguards were like one big family, the advantage of this deal is that these companies provides an opportunity to improve, also to keep swimming lessons that bring extra profits.

  • Now- pools, when you hear this all, will say that this is the worst job. Mostly when people come for the first time do not know what they expect therefore targets not set properly. High Sierra is the best company, and I had more experience with two of the reasons why the organization is at a very good level, a self pools (MD) are very good properties. You have overtime, accommodation is very good.

  • High Sierra Pools is really good company, if you want to earn money like lifeguard this is not a possible, but experience is great. Every peychecks is on the time. For this company you have many competisions, and I suggest to go there.

  • As for the work, all respected what was said before, and what it says in the contract. The job is not difficult, except when the weather is a little ugly, there is little cleaning. Always respect the hourly rate of 50-55 a week or even more. Cheques are obtained for two weeks and everything is always correct.

  • No problem.

  • Supervisor was great. We had many hours. They helped us a lot and I will for sure work for them again.

  • I had really good relationship with my supervisor, people from the company were amazing.

  • Hours: 8.50$ 12.75$ Hours per week: 50-52 Average tip (weekly): Frankly, I do not know what I'd written such a good side and that is not considered normal? I mean, salaries were regular, accurate ... I have to mention. But, there is something I can not like it, something that is ruining my desire to go back. These are rainy days. Knowing that the weather is very changeable, we had a considerable number of more rainy days. Whenever it rained, HSP has sent us home and also shortened our hours, which in my opinion is not fair, not my fault that it's raining and I count that hotels ie pools already pre-paid HSP, I see no reason why they sent us home i cut our hours. Division manager, Macedonian, was quite okay to the lifeguard, he was always ready to solve problem without hesitation. Supervisors with whom I had the opportunity were quite fair and correct, very friendly to lifeguards. We had a problem with the apartment, + a month ago we were without air conditioning, the refrigerator was broken long ago, in early August brought us a new one. It is true that the apartments are not owned HSP, but were able to adequately respond to and influence the office building where we were. We were forced to 'threaten' office in that we will be called if the inspection does not repair the refrigerator.

  • Large and well-organized company with many employees. Checks are always and without exception, arriving on time, supervisors were mostly excellent, the job is fairly lightweight (bad side is that it can be sooo bored and I struggled to fall asleep in a chair: D). The biggest plus of this company are activities organized for employees (trip to Ocean city, going to the games, sports tournaments ....), which makes the job easier and allows you to meet with a large number of people (and this is for me one of the greatest values ​​of this program).

  • The company for which I worked was also very organized all respected as the contract so I have no complaints ..

  • Good cooperation, always there to help with questions and to help with difficulties.

  • For the second year in a row I worked for the High Sierra Pools company. As far as I am concerned, I am very satisfied. Listening to people's experiences with other companies for swimming pools, High Sierra, I would definitely put it in the first place. The first year I was lifeguard on multi-guard pool, but this year I worked as Pool Manager. Job rescuer's really easy, sometimes it can be very boring, however my personal opinion is that there is a better deal for students who go to the Work & Travel program for the first time. As Pool Manager, I had higher hourly rate, a higher salary, but consequently more responsibility. The nature of work is such that it is moving forward with positions (Lifeguard / Pool Manager / Supervisor / ...) almost every year, is up to you to do your job properly, and people from the High Sierra will be to notice.

  • Hourly: 9.25 $ Number of hours per week: 60 Average tip (weekly): Greater liability than lifeguarding, working around the pump and pool chemicals.

  • Hourly: Regular: 10 Overtime: 15 Number of hours per week: 50 Average tip (weekly): 3 consecutive years doing this job, but I'm the first time this year working for this company. As far as the savior of work, can be soooo boring, but I think an easier job than this does not exist. The pools are generally small in Boston so it's not a problem keep an eye on things. The job is really easy. As far as the company everything was more or less ok. I think I had the best supervisors ever, which really set chummy towards to his crew so that the respect was mutual and never have any problem with him, no one had. The timetable is ok ie. are you signed to'll get. They were fair as regards hours and still have all the same, on average, had a same hours. The apartments are mostly great, only bigger gripe about the apartment are inflatable mattresses to sleep on. Not totally uncomfortable, can not sleep on them, but it's a bed, even if only a safe comfortable mattress. At the end of the season if you're doing this job just do not expect that you will make something that a lot of money, or to the agency and say when you are applying for. You'll have enough to travel, buy myself something and perhaps a little more to stay if you are just squeezing ?

  • Great, the company has a very good recommendations

  • Hourly: 7.8$ Hours per week: 55 Average tip : 0 Description Employer : Work at the pool , watching customers , regulation of water , etc ...

  • Hourly : 7.8$ Number of hours per week : 52

  • Hours 8 $ Number of hours per week : 40 A job when the job is dynamic and interesting but the shift is such that they allow to work another job during the day as they shift type from 11 to 20h but there were overtime that was Payments 12 $ per hour

  • Hourly: 7.8$ regular Number of hours per week : 54 Working as a lifeguard at the pool . Everyday pool preparing for the opening and closing ( water testing , checking if everything was ok , arranging chairs, cleaning the pool , opening umbrellas ... ) are not difficult , it is common for every problem there is someone to whom we could turn to . Divan pool, wonderful hosts .

  • Wage per hour : 10.5 Hours per week: 40-45 Average tips : 0 Responsible , interesting ( sometimes a little boring ) , demanding job that from the person is seeking accuracy , timeliness , accuracy , concentration , and gives oportunity for enjoying the sunshine , pleasant conversations with the users of the pool.

  • Wage per hour 9 $ Number of hours per week : 60 Average tips : 0

  • Hours : 8 hours per week: on average, 60 average payoff : 0 My main task as a savior , he was not worried about the safety of all users of the pool. Most often, the shift was my 9 to 20 , the job is demanding and control passes, control of drinking water , care for purity , control of pumps and systems for water filtration , etc . Biggest given the time I have worked in only one pool , I met many interesting and interesting people . I 'm a notification to the lady - granddaughter of Theodore Roosevelt so I had a first-hand opportunity to hear the story of the most famous and significant to the President and American history in general. After initial reservations people were becoming closer , more comfortable in dealing , attentive, willing to help. I would stress that, for the duration of stay in the United States did not have the slightest problem of any kind ... Americans are a nice and civilized people , all those who would like to visit the USA , strong recommendation

  • Lifeguard's job is generally not difficult . The worst enemy in this work is boredom. The pools are generally shallow so that it is rare that there is any intervention . Spend the whole summer at the pool , in addition to young people , sunbathe , swim , enjoy and be paid for it. So if you ask me , it's not at all bad. ; )

  • 8$/h

  • Hours 9 $ Hours per week: 46-50 Average tip (weekly ): 0 The company as a company ( ie , Steering Committee ) makes a couple of people in the (presumably ) full-time employee , all the rest ( hierarchically down) is variable in character from season to season, and the organization from the beginning and at the end of the program , it was very bad , not to say , terible. We were doing our jobs, paid us for it, the details better not go into , but I do not believe that there is enough room for everything that I could write !

  • $ 8, $ 12 overtime, 55h average, 10 hours a day Job Description: 1. Getting up , getting ready for work, tick until 9:30 when we are going to work 2. 10:00 start of the working day - checks of chemicals and the same attitude in the water, the water level , cleanliness , cleaning / vacuuming the bottom of the pool , arranging chairs , records of arrivals and regular measurement of chemicals. 3. 20 o'clock quitting time

  • $7,80 per hour

  • No problem.

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  • 8$/h

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