High Sierra Pools, Washington DC, Work Abroad

Experience with agency Work Abroad was positive.
I do not have any objection to the work of people in the agency. All are professionally carried out the work in conjunction with paperwork with all the things that we needed to go . Agency will not be changed ... but I'll change dollars for euros ...

Experience with location Washington, DC was neutral.
My stay in USA lasted 4 months. During the first two months I have not had many days off so I did not have the possibility of requiring additional work. I asked for extra work watching ads in local newspapers and touring the city, very often were highlighted message type we are hire workers, need assistance etc. Washington, of course, a very interesting and beautiful city. They were very liked the museums, I visited a total of around 7-8. Most museums are free (totally cool), I kept most (of entire 5 hours) at the National Air and Space Museum, the phenomenal i would recommend everyone to visit it. Strong impression on me left and Museum of Natural History. Everything is transparent, clear, informative, can be a lot to learn to be seen. All in all, the US Mint did homework, as to the museum. The city is interwoven strips on the carriageway used by cyclists only way that cycling is a real pleasure, all of watch, take care, omissions, no trumpet and drama, one word awesome (in Serbia this behavior is mission impossible). The food is to put it mildly - for nothing, I'm not accustomed to bread full of sugar, and chicken for which we can not wait to come taste. But not all bad news, there are shops (do not want to advertise them) that offer organic foods and products that are very similar to food with us ... Lucky I smiled at the beginning of last month when I had the opportunity to work in a restaurant. The food in the restaurant was superb, the job is only at moments was tiring, the experience gained - priceless ...

Experience with employer High Sierra Pools was positive.
Hours : 8 hours per week: on average, 60 average payoff : 0 My main task as a savior , he was not worried about the safety of all users of the pool. Most often, the shift was my 9 to 20 , the job is demanding and control passes, control of drinking water , care for purity , control of pumps and systems for water filtration , etc . Biggest given the time I have worked in only one pool , I met many interesting and interesting people . I 'm a notification to the lady - granddaughter of Theodore Roosevelt so I had a first-hand opportunity to hear the story of the most famous and significant to the President and American history in general. After initial reservations people were becoming closer , more comfortable in dealing , attentive, willing to help. I would stress that, for the duration of stay in the United States did not have the slightest problem of any kind ... Americans are a nice and civilized people , all those who would like to visit the USA , strong recommendation

This review represents personal opinion of Nesa who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2013 with agency Work Abroad, working at High Sierra Pools in Washington, DC.

Jul 30, 2016