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  • Excellent experience, very helpful and kind people. They helped every single time and they are cheaper than other agencies.

  • Very professional and very helpful.

  • American Spirit is great agency, they helped me a lot with all my paperwork and preparation for my visa interview.

  • Positive experience during realization of one year intership program. Until now I have recommended this agency to some friends. If I had the chance, I would be happy to cooperate again.

  • Professional, polite and motivating people who arange my internship in USA with best of the best. Everything was done as expected.

  • My experience with American Spirit was very good, they helped me a lot with some decisions.

  • Wonderfull, all the best!

  • Very positive experience I had with this agency, I would recommend it to everyone. We were always in touch and here in Serbia and in America, I'm not from Novi Sad and they have always come out to meet on the issue. Another important thing is to work with the sponsoring agency in America that is not difficult. We also received a gift from them, tablets. And I would say that they are completely realistic and have time for each student, because of my student status some agencies have refused me and told me that I would not go sighting, while I was in the American Spirit received and helped make pass sighting.

  • To give you the full experience of Work and Travel program, as it was somewhat expect when you do think about it, one of the most important items is the choice of the agency that will follow you until you leave, but I can tell you during your stay in the US. When we heard the news agency American Spirit, the first thing that attracted us was that the American agency owner and his wife is from Novi Sad, which was 15 years living in New York. For us it was a detail that we were even more attracted to trust these people. We noticed you are safe to talk in the plural. :) In fact, for three years, my boyfriend and Dragomir participate together in the Work and Travel program and we are very satisfied with the agency where we always beautiful and always greeted with a multitude of issues we are entering into an agency with a lot more satisfied with the answer always leave the same.

  • They helped me and my brother with the self placement offer, because the brother was last year in the United States , but through other agencie with which he was not satisfied . Ivana and Paul are very friendly and extremely professional couple, thank them and we are going over them next year if we pass visa interview : D .

  • The agency was very helpfull in every possible aspect. Since the price of the program itself , which is the lowest of all the agencies in the city , helped me completely around paperwork and departure itself . I appreciate this so much more than the last agency where I was , because this is the second year I was going to the USA ... Next year I'm back over the American Spirit and recommend to everyone !

  • Easy communication , good jobs , provided assistance during the program.

  • The agency has positive atmosphere , Ivana and Paul ( the owners ) were very professional , positive , hardworking and always willing to help and comfort to their SUDENTS and maximize the preparation for the experience that awaits them .

  • They have scheduled me a sighting just 7 days after the start of the contract , which is absurd. In addition, in the end we got a much worse job than all that they promised in the beginning. On the other hand, they are new in this business , I hope they will be a better with time . Plus they are also the cheapest, if I'm not mistaken . Although , if I went again, I would choose another agency .

  • Hello everyone who will read my experience. I study in Novi Sad, where I have by accident found "American spirit " by a friends recommendation . My experience with this agency started so we did tax refund from previous departure to America with another agency. Leading the ethical norms I do not want to name that ( previous ) agency. They did a good job from the start but the fact is that they just were not entirely honest . On the other hand, the owners ' American spirits " are citizens of America , a woman is our women, from Novi Sad , a man was American. In the previous agency , we should get a tax refund together my girlfriend and I , about $ 800. I really do not think they wanted to deceive us , but I think they do not have enough knowledge . When I mentioned how much bouth of us together need to get , they simply were astonished and asked us that they do it. We chose the "American Spirit " to do so based on the fact that American citizens still can do better . Shortly after , we got the checks and together we got $ 2,200 . The difference was $ 1400 !! There it was clear what we are going to choose not for money , but for a clear set of objectives, open cards and sincerity , so that if it was not the way it turned out , we would chose them again because of these qualities. When the situation came to choose job, really, job offers were in a wide spectrum and what was interesting to me is that you likely will not be sent to work , "slave" jobs . The owner, is often in America and personally is going to chose accommodation for students (do not get bind by this , he is not a millionaire man to travel around the country ) , if it is close to the city of his apartment. They traveled the whole of America , and indeed they were in the first place to send you somewhere where you will have something to see and not just to work and lose your soul. Any job recomendation will be followed by the mini story what you can see in that place. I think the argument is strong enough in terms of recommendations, because I had no experience with two different agencies. I hate to make a mistake, ok it was passed agencies, but in comparison with the American spirit, it lose every battle. I would recommend this agency for all students, "Work and Travel" program, for those who went through these agencies know what it is all about. We were really crucial to the experience we have received, not the money. Therefore, if you want the money and that will make every effort to help you, if however your desire to experience and see something special, will also help you. And please, all of which you get a chance to read this experience, regardless of your choice, realize that whatever happens in America is only your experience, agencies are not really responsible, but what will you do. That's why I said "EXPERIENCE". Personally I had a problem last year (2014), it was cons of the contract, but I knew it for 2 weeks and had a wonderful year. This year was five times better. Realize everything is up to you to realize and accept the fact. With regard to the agency on the other hand you will get a maximum of open tickets, the maximum from them for everything and that is what is most important is because next year we are going through the American Spirit. When you go to America, remember these words you need to say before everything new, and that "every beginning is difficult" and you are a major player. P.S. The least important thing (for us at least), they sent us each a tablet to our house as long as we stayed in America as a gift because we selected them. Fascinating. We could not believe. Especially a place you can not use words to describe the more you can see in the section where the place is described. I recommend you read.

  • All praise for the agency , easy cooperation , always ready to help .

  • Very friendly and active communication during their stay in America. Fortunately , communication was purely for information , since I spent my time in the USA without any problems.

  • Very friendly and active communication during their stay in America. Fortunately , communication was purely for information , since I spent my time in the USA without any problems.

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