Durst Enterprises, Keystone, South Dakota, American Spirit

Experience with agency American Spirit was negative.
They have scheduled me a sighting just 7 days after the start of the contract , which is absurd. In addition, in the end we got a much worse job than all that they promised in the beginning. On the other hand, they are new in this business , I hope they will be a better with time . Plus they are also the cheapest, if I'm not mistaken . Although , if I went again, I would choose another agency .

Experience with location Keystone, SD was positive.
It's pretty easy. Most people that are invest effort has found another job , and a third . A small problem is that it is a bad season ramps up , until mid- June. Night life is almost zero, but there are plenty of students , however, can easily organize something . Air standard mountain , days can be hot, it gets cold at night . May and September are fairly cold , should be ready .

Experience with employer Durst Enterprises was positive.
Hours : 8.5 Hours per week: 30-40 Average tip ( week) : 5-10 Work is for people who are poor with English . It is not at all easy, and earnings weak, because they pose a lot housekeepers . On the other side , front desk workers at their hotels as excellent passing . Management of the standard capitalist , but I had no problem , they gave me to replace the houskeeping for waitressing in their restaurant , and leave me in immediately without a lot of tugging . P.S. I would caution the employer Rushmore Tramway Adventures Park, there are people just lose passed, while all other employers in Keystone , SD, to my knowledge , they can get a passing grade.

This review represents personal opinion of Goran who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2015 with agency American Spirit, working at Durst Enterprises in Keystone, SD.

Aug 4, 2016