Piping Rock Club, Locust Valley, New York, American Spirit

Experience with agency American Spirit was positive.
The agency was very helpfull in every possible aspect. Since the price of the program itself , which is the lowest of all the agencies in the city , helped me completely around paperwork and departure itself . I appreciate this so much more than the last agency where I was , because this is the second year I was going to the USA ... Next year I'm back over the American Spirit and recommend to everyone !

Experience with location Locust Valley, NY was positive.
The city is located on Long Island in less than 40 minutes from the center of NY . The town is a quiet village where live extremely wealthy and rich people . Within 4km located about 6 country clubs in and around just 10 fast food restaurants and about 3 mega markets , so it's easy finding additional work . But if you work in any country club you will not have the need for additional work. The place is very nice and quiet, but nightlife is reduced to bars and pubs nearby, but if you want to go to the city or any club , train station is nearby and they leave every 20 or so minutes . As far as the climate is very humid area for the sea , which is 15 minutes drive from the Bicycle Club in which I have worked , temperature reaches up to 35 degrees, but because of the moisture you have the feeling that it's 45 , rain can occur within a few minutes not announced, so you need to bring an umbrella just in case if you are planning to go on a tour to NY .

Experience with employer Piping Rock Club was positive.
Hourly wage: 10; Hours per week: 80+; Average tip : No tip of club, free accommodation and food, an additional bonus at the end of the season; Porter job is to move the furniture and prepare a dinner and special events that are happening at the club the next day or that evening . Server servs foods to guests and need a remarkably high English knowledge and skills in the hospitality industry Bartender prepares and servs drinks to guests, along with the knowledge of English at the highest level , you need the knowledge and in making all kinds of cocktails and drinks which guests can request , I got this job because of the previous experience and knowledge of the language itself and recommendations.

This review represents personal opinion of Vladimir Veselinovic who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2015 with agency American Spirit, working at Piping Rock Club in Locust Valley, NY.

Aug 13, 2016