Old Westbury golf and country club, New York, American spirit

Experience with agency American Spirit was positive.
Positive experience during realization of one year intership program. Until now I have recommended this agency to some friends. If I had the chance, I would be happy to cooperate again.

Experience with location New York City, NY was positive.
Amazing experience. Work in a country club. Transport from the airport as well as accommodation and food is provided.

Experience with employer Old Westbury golf and country club was positive.
The employer is the most correct. Always ready to show and explain. There are a lot of employees from the Spanish speaking area, so that during the work they are more likely to speak Spanish than English.

This review represents personal opinion of Milos Miljkovic who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2017 with agency American Spirit, working at Old Westbury golf and country club in New York City, NY.

Nov 3, 2017