Stella Restaurant, Atlantic City, American Spirit

Experience with agency American Spirit was positive.
All praise for the agency , easy cooperation , always ready to help .

Experience with location Atlantic city, NJ was positive.
I had no trouble finding additional work . In the city are plenty of restaurants , casinos, outlet, in which can be found another job. As far as the town it is not exactly the safest and most secure , but if you find acomodation in a safer part of the city there should not be a problem.

Experience with employer Stella restaurant was positive.
Wage per hour: 10 Hours per week: 35-40 Average tips : Welcoming guests, taking them to their table.

This review represents personal opinion of Nina Jovic who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2015 with agency American Spirit, working at Stella restaurant in Atlantic city, NJ.

Aug 2, 2016