Village By The Sea

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  • Hourly: 9$ The number of hours in the week beginning 25 and later around 35 is not an hour of overtime . job physically difficult . When they put you to work stayover , where kickback almost no , two girls must carry for the 3rd or 4th floor 3 large bags full of towels , can of spray and vacuum cleaner , which is almost impossible to implement. but most often we worked by workers stayover . Open from 9 am to 3 to 4 quarters once we paid $ 75 a week . 6 of us lived in the apartment. We had a kitchen, living room , terrace , two bedrooms and two bathrooms. i was really super equipped . we all had . it is the only thing with which I was satisfied .

  • Hourly: 9 $ Number of hours per week: 35 Average tip: about 15 $. The good thing about this job is that we had excellent accommodation that has been in the hotel. More specifically, it is one of the apartments for rent. Everything we had, even a dishwasher. The bad thing is the job is really very difficult, we had to push carts, but all equipment (huge green bags crammed towels, wiping cloths, shampoo, soap, etc.) To bear on the back. Another thing, there is no lift, but it goes up and down the sand steps. The third thing we did not have enough hours. 35-38 in high season which is very little. Opening hours were from 9-3, sometimes up to half of 4.4. Rarely happened that when we finished the half 5. When we say we're looking for another job, they told us that we should not before 5 to begin on another job to do. The explanation was that we might someday need them halfway 5.To happened only a few times for 4 and a half months that we worked there. Tips is divided totally unfair. Do not longer, Wells does not recommend! Ni Village by the sea! Nevertheless program Work & amp; Travel certainly recommend. I plan to go again. Meet people, improve language, gain experience, to travel and be remembered as one of the most beautiful things in life! :)

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