Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation, Medora, ND, Work and Travel Group

Experience with agency Work & Travel Group was positive.
The agency is there to help organize the paperwork, finding an employer, to find a job and that's it, more or less. We had some disagreements, but we solved them.

Experience with location Medora, ND was positive.
I found second job knocking in another store. There are places that are always hiring, but since the city is small and 30 kilometers from the first town, the timetable is not like the rest of North Dakota. Count will be $ 8-10 unless you work as a waiter / ica where you can go out with tipping an average of $ 15-20 per hour. Also, the foundation (which was my first employer) holds the vast majority of other places in town, and you will not be able to work (or sometimes just because it counts as overtime), which makes the place less competitive. There is a hotel, a candy shop, gift shops, 2 bars and 2 bars. Maybe that place anymore, but in essence - that's it. My second job was a prep-cook, but I later worked as a waiter. The place is in something like those places that you see in cowboy movies. The national park is nearby (with prairie dogs, bison, wild horses), and have free access to a musical, family fun center, museums. Accommodation was $ 25 a week, and we had as an employee discount on food of $ 5 (all you can eat), although if you work with food, you are able to find your way around. Most of the elderly come to the place, and after 7 days already know everything. If you want to make, this place is OK for this (expect $ 5000 - $ 10,000 Da earn in the period), but if you want to spend, then this is certainly not the place for you. If I would go back again, I would choose a larger city, Medora is not a bad place for someone who goes for the first time, because you have the ability to earn.

Experience with employer Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation was negative.
Hourly: 8.25 Number of hours per week: 50-55 (average season) Average tip: $ 5-6 a day Although the job by itself was not hard, it was very hot. I entered into a conflict with the manager, about clothes because it was really hot and I was wearing sweatpants (that no one could see), but it was for some reason more mind to what I have tracksuit (which no one sees) than they do in agony conditions of heat + a huge number of flies. The person we talked to smooth problems could smiled and talked as if everything is OK and then later received an email from sponsors such as you, the kind - hypocritical. Although we are making huge profits, the place at which we worked was twice as better than last year, and the manager would always surly (probably such a person, must never be when Stormtrooper from Star Wars). Also, throwing enormous amounts of food (for which there was no need to throw away) is something I find difficult to reconcile because it was clear negligence, irresponsibility and nekomptentnosti and managers have not tried it at any time change. My manager was a landslide of a man and my experience with it is negative.

This review represents personal opinion of Alen Duspara who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2014 with agency Work & Travel Group, working at Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation in Medora, ND.

Jun 11, 2016