Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation

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  • Hourly: 8.25$ Number of hours per week : 40-53 Average tip : 0 My manager was cattle . Luckily he did not stay in my workplace so I rarely saw him . Prefers Russians and Ukrainians because he is Ukrainian . All in all a very bad man . He did not want to overtime , gave all the Russians. But I still have more than others because they do not have enough dishwasher so we did . Work as work was not hard , it was very interesting to work . Mostly I was joking :) I was angry at the manager and I were lying whenever I could . :) As a second job I was doing housekeeping at the hotel ( $ 08.05 hourly rate ) and dishwasher in a restaurant . As a dishwasher I had the tips , the hourly rate fall out somewhere around $ 10-11 The first job we paid $ 5 food ( buffet , eat what you want , how you want ) . At the other two places the food was free .

  • Hourly: 8.25 Number of hours per week: 50-55 (average season) Average tip: $ 5-6 a day Although the job by itself was not hard, it was very hot. I entered into a conflict with the manager, about clothes because it was really hot and I was wearing sweatpants (that no one could see), but it was for some reason more mind to what I have tracksuit (which no one sees) than they do in agony conditions of heat + a huge number of flies. The person we talked to smooth problems could smiled and talked as if everything is OK and then later received an email from sponsors such as you, the kind - hypocritical. Although we are making huge profits, the place at which we worked was twice as better than last year, and the manager would always surly (probably such a person, must never be when Stormtrooper from Star Wars). Also, throwing enormous amounts of food (for which there was no need to throw away) is something I find difficult to reconcile because it was clear negligence, irresponsibility and nekomptentnosti and managers have not tried it at any time change. My manager was a landslide of a man and my experience with it is negative.

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