Medora, ND

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  • Very small place , the foundation that we are working holds 70 % of the city , but I nevertheless have two additional work . There are 2 bars , a couple of breakfast restaurants, one hotel which still was employed . You find second job 100 % . The people are very friendly and hospitable , and I noticed that we Serbs really prices . Accommodation , we paid $ 25 a week . We lived in a kind of home . Two in the room . Shared toilet and bathroom . Here we lived we that we have to 21 years . Older lived elsewhere similar to this , the difference is that they had their own bathroom and TV . For me it was better in my place , fool around all night , great people , most came to see us at the gathering . The city as a place to me was great .

  • Small town , there is no off-season activities. Solid possibility of finding other things to do , nightlife is not too active, people are very friendly and hospitable.

  • I found second job knocking in another store. There are places that are always hiring, but since the city is small and 30 kilometers from the first town, the timetable is not like the rest of North Dakota. Count will be $ 8-10 unless you work as a waiter / ica where you can go out with tipping an average of $ 15-20 per hour. Also, the foundation (which was my first employer) holds the vast majority of other places in town, and you will not be able to work (or sometimes just because it counts as overtime), which makes the place less competitive. There is a hotel, a candy shop, gift shops, 2 bars and 2 bars. Maybe that place anymore, but in essence - that's it. My second job was a prep-cook, but I later worked as a waiter. The place is in something like those places that you see in cowboy movies. The national park is nearby (with prairie dogs, bison, wild horses), and have free access to a musical, family fun center, museums. Accommodation was $ 25 a week, and we had as an employee discount on food of $ 5 (all you can eat), although if you work with food, you are able to find your way around. Most of the elderly come to the place, and after 7 days already know everything. If you want to make, this place is OK for this (expect $ 5000 - $ 10,000 Da earn in the period), but if you want to spend, then this is certainly not the place for you. If I would go back again, I would choose a larger city, Medora is not a bad place for someone who goes for the first time, because you have the ability to earn.

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