The Seafood Shanty, Martha’s Vineyard, Work and Travel Group

Experience with agency Work & Travel Group was positive.
Since I first participated in the program and I did not know anything about the same , promptly gave me all the information and more.

Experience with location Martha's Vineyard, MA was neutral.
There are many possibilities , it all depends on your needs and abilities. Lower-paid jobs are very easy to find , in terms of dishwasher and jobs in supermarkets, while for the better -paying jobs , such as servers and busser must try a bit harder.

Experience with employer The Seafood Shanty was positive.
Wage per hour: at beggining $ 13 after two weeks everybody wins $ 14 and after two months the majority of us had $ 15 and some $ and 15.5 . Number of hours per week : In the beginning, 30h , later we more or less all worked double shifts and have had at least 60 and sometimes over 80h . Work on the line. As never before this I came into the kitchen , the training was excellent, the chef and sous chef were correct , and colleagues , of which the vast majority were from Serbia . Very fast paced restaurant, because it has more than 300 seats, which is during the lunch rotate up to 4 times , so as to break... break realy doesn't exist.

This review represents personal opinion of Nikola Trajković who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2015 with agency Work & Travel Group, working at The Seafood Shanty in Martha's Vineyard, MA.

Jul 16, 2016