Martha's Vineyard, MA

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  • The island is beautiful! Nature is wonderful, especially when you have gone where there are not so many people. The houses are like a fairytale. I've lived in Oak Bluffs, where there was one part of the city near the port where the gingerbread cottages, and small, sweet, colorful house exists. They are, also, one of the main attractions that tourists visit. It is very colorful. It's nice to live on the island, because I could always spend spare time on the beach. I was enjoying in bathing, until the moment when I saw a couple of crab after which it was not so comfortable in the water for me. :) Main Street, Circuit Avenue, is very long and full of different shops where you can buy clothes, jewelry and souvenirs. There's a restaurant, but they are mostly on the main promenade, near the port. The most popular dish on the island is the lobster and seafood in general. Lobster was good, but the sushi is even better. :) Of course, you can eat a good burger. Some of my recommendations would be restaurants Nancy's, Sharky's Cantina, Slice of Life, Fat Ronnie's, Sand Bar & Grille, and if you want good sushi and dessert - the bakery ,,Back Door Donuts''. The island is mostly a tourist and very luxurious. Season begins somewhere with the feast of the 4th of July and lasts until the end of September. And that makes it very special, because people are excited, smiling, (but how could it not be, when you are on vacation in one of the most famous and most beautiful islands in the world), the inhabitants of the island are also friendly and always willing to please tourists. It is well known that President Obama with his family every year goes to Martha. I saw his daughter, then Bruce Willis, I was hostess to Cole, the demon from the series ,,Charm" and I got an autograph from a player of the Red Sox. :) What is interesting is that we, the Serbs, are almost like domestics on the island. There are a lot of us and we have even two Serbian parties during the week, which are always well attended. The law in Massachusetts is that everything can be working until 1AM, so that is why afterparties on the beaches, in forests and houses are the must! :) There are good shops in Oak Bluffs, but the greater choice are in Edgartown, which is very close. If you've never had the chance to see a skunk, go to Martha. They like to walk around at night and they're everywhere. Only at the end of the year I stopped running from them when I see them. :) lt could be useful you to know that they are afraid of applause, but if you're caught in a difficult situation, you'll know what to do. :) During the day you can see squirrels and rabbits. And after a very short time you will feel like you are always on Martha, because you will meet all the locals and you will not be able to walk down the street without pause with some of them to say hello.

  • The island is so beautiful and the nature is breathtaking. I didn't like that there were so many Serbians because sometimes it was hard to practice English. Residents were very welcoming, open-minded and warm. People are generally kind and willing to help and support.

  • I arrived on June 1, and I found another job until mid-July. There were a lot of students who were on the island last year, and a lot of people who stayed illegally in previous years but have already had a first and second and third.

  • This year the season was not exactly the brightest , at least from my perspective , so it was a little hard to find another job , but here , we've done it ;-) Otherwise, I felt much better on another job , but on the first team was soooo good , just the three of us Serbs, all other Americans , but we were top .. So , depending on the season , I depend on the ease of finding a job : - ) But in general , the island is lovely, beaches are beautiful , super atmosphere ..

  • The place is very nice and can be earned a lot. The negative side is that is very expensive . Accommodation is about $ 150 a week and the food is very expensive. There are plenty of opportunities for other work. My first job was in a boutique and the other was housekeeping.

  • No problems , tourist small island and if it not big, a lot of work has to spare ! The only thing that anyone can be a problem is that it is an island , so if you want to go with him must take a ferry to Cape Cod

  • Martha's vineyards is small island , a beautiful tourist city in the traditional cape cod style very nice , air very beautiful, very nice beach , a lot of people there during the summer and an idyll law

  • Beautifull island , much good fun , a lot of work ...

  • The place is nice and peaceful. Finding an extra job depends on the ability of the person who asks . Lower ranking jobs is easier to find . Nightlife was good, the only thing going out last until 1. Overall Martha is a great place .

  • Great possibility of another job . All od us were doing at least 2 jobs. In high season (June- August) even 3. Place is great for making money , in free time , we went to the beach. The island is safe , which meant a lot to us , the crime rate 0 % ..

  • Who wants a job can find another , mostly through referrals .

  • When we arrived on Martha in May , it was 13 degrees , just cold. In the beginning , the season has not started we did not have a lot of work . Overall, there does not need to go before the June 1 . As soon as I arrived , I found a job , even though I send CV before starting on some sites that I found on the internet and to advise everyone. Another job I worked as a houseman at the hotel. As for the city is calm, nature is beautiful , especially in the western part of the island . has a beautiful beach where we gathered after work . The bad side is that has a lot of Serbs. There is no night life , except that we have organized Serbian party on Sunday at the local level in Edgartown . The weather is nice , pleasant to work ideal- temperature is around 25- 30 degrees, the nights a little cooler . All in all , a great place to make money and the Serbian story :)

  • Martha's Vineyard , Oak Bluffs , the island , especially the safe and peaceful compared to the large American cities.

  • The island is full of restaurants, hotels , grocery stores so that the extra work is no problem, as regards climate, similar as in Serbia, except that the temperature rarely goes above 31.32 ° C. As the biggest problem I would only take out accommodation, which is above all very hard to find , the average price per week is 150 $

  • The island is perfect for this program , a lot of opportunities for additional jobs. Small comment on the accommodation, it is more expensive than in the rest of America and it is not a good quality.

  • There are many possibilities , it all depends on your needs and abilities. Lower-paid jobs are very easy to find , in terms of dishwasher and jobs in supermarkets, while for the better -paying jobs , such as servers and busser must try a bit harder.

  • The second job is not found only one who did not want to find it.

  • The city is fair for another job , but you have to make an effort . He will not give it to yourself. I am satisfied, I changed jobs 6 , 4 I rode great. Accommodation: I was in a hostel at the center of the city, called the Island House and is led by a dark-skinned Will. What do I know , there are better or that money is super . A bunch of people and it changes a lot of men and women , orgies, brutal only tomorrow shot heads of their lame alcohol. And everything is close ... literally !! We paid $ 125 a week. A guy from the agency helped us a lot with everything , some Damir .

  • Island with several towns in New England style, wooden houses , ports, lighthouses ... Miles and miles of beaches , many restaurants , shops, hotels and motels . Very easy to be found another job , it starts in season . Accommodation: There are two options that the agency is : 1.Hostel - student hostel , not a luxury but it's cheap compared to other accommodation which are located on the island and is located in the heart of Oak Bluffs $ 100 per week 2.Smestaj in stores all over the islands, high quality but prices are quite high , about $ 140 a week

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