The Fudgery

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  • I love the work and the managers. They are so awesome and they guide us in work. They taught me on how to become a responsible employer.

  • My experience with employers is very positive. The first day I had very nice welcome and placed in the house in Duck where I was working. They led me to the whole job and were extremely patient, responsive and compliant. I have no objections, and that is the best experience I have ever had. I lived and worked with 8 girls from different countries and employers did everything to feel good and comfortable. If someone wants to work in Fudgery and if have that chance, I definitely give green light because you will not make a mistake. The names of the managers are John and Matia that you know exactly who I am and I could not go to America.

  • Hourly: 8$ Hours per week: 35 Average tip (weekly): / Managers Ivana and Matija are horrible people who lose a maximum exploiting unprotected students. At the end of the season firing people for no reason in order to retain a deposit for a house and bonuses that students earn during the summer. By his own admission deliberately employ more J1 students who rarely welcome the end of his contract. And of course the same day you were laid off have to leave the house, although of course you do not have where to go. PLEASE do not let STUDENTS IN Fudgery because bad experiences are repeated from year to year.

  • Hourly: 8-14$ Number of hours per week: 45-84 Average tips (week): 45 $ Morning mostly making cones or some sweets, which is interesting because it allows you to decorate them yourself and play. We sell fudge (a type of their sweets), ice cream, candy, and you made :) Whenever you get tired you can go ahead and just make calls, with a smile of course, people to enter and taste fudge. You must be willing to stand all day and all smiles, but it really is not difficult because there are always more people in the store, it is always a hall, it's interesting, people are friendly, I personally put the fly. Another positive thing is that the managers speak the same language as we do, so if you can not understand something, they will always help you. If it turns out to be a good worker, you will have full-time. It's all up to you :) The actions of the famous bell that when someone hits you all sing a song, which can be a hilarious :) all sing, some are natural and shout: D Americans love to entertain so there was nothing strange if the whole family goes to dance in market :)

  • Hourly: 8$ Number of hours per week : 32 Average tip : / Tips are not allowed

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