Duck, NC

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  • Duck location where I worked and lived is a fairly quiet place with lots of greenery and it is on the very island. People are very polite, positive and ready help. I didn't have any bad experience.

  • It is very easy to find another job because the market is located in the shopping center , so you have really a lot of places where you can find a variety of jobs . The city is beautiful , is constantly warm and you are by the ocean ie on one side of the island is the ocean and on the other is lake. It's quiet , but close you can always find a place for a good night out. Behind the house , which allows the company offers (which is perfect ) and you have a private pool . The locals are wonderful , everything will help , I'll take you wherever you need , but in essence you can bike everywhere . There are few things in a small town , but we still shop at Walmart which was located 10min by car from us. Enough is cheaper and of course have a greater choice of products. Since you will not live alone, you will always be at least 4 because the huge house , you may also like to share a taxi , not expensive .

  • Very, very difficult to get another job. We had a chance to give us the same boss offered another job. It could not be better for us. But definitely I would not recommend this place to go . Everything else was great , as I say , we had luck.

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