Stop and shop, Orleans, MA, United Work and Travel

Experience with agency United Work & Travel was positive.
United Work and Travel agency is actually where we were left from our original agency because they were not able to do the whole process. At first I was really suspicious because we have the original agency paid all that was needed, and then we just got mail us takes the United Work & amp; Travel. Now from this point of view I think we had really lucky that we take Milan Rajnovic and his team. I mention Milan because I'm only with him (like my company that went to USA) was constantly in touch. After the interview at the embassy to obtain a visa and we had only a few days to take off for America (since the agency organized years old), of the whole group just my visa did not arrive to be printed up and the Milan urged to speed up the process and only because of my passport I think he went to Batajnica (there are probably printed visa). Milan we were escorted from the airport Nikola Tesla, and when we arrived in the USA contacted us to see how we knew that if everything ok. At work we initially had a problem because our employer takes off a certain type of fees that relates only to the citizen, so we helped Milan a lot with this. Through this agency, I fulfilled the tax refund and of course everything has gone smoothly. In general my opinion is totally positive and I would heartily recommend this agency to everyone.

Experience with location Orleans, MA was positive.
Orleans is a small and pleasant city and bass portrays American dream, the village with small houses and big neat green courtyard. People are phenomenal, they are so kind to all of these works unrealistic. When we arrived me and friends we inquired where we can buy bicycles, our neighbor, who see us the first time, heard that and she gave us bikes that were in excellent condition. Orleans has a separate cycling path from Coles. By this I do not mean that the bike trail goes Coles, but the bike paths surrounded by woods and meadows (depending on the zone), and in certain parts being cut with vehicular traffic. As far as social life gone. City have one pub which, of course, if you forget passport, you can drink only juice. How there is no place to go and talk to that are our Serbs who lived in a house started to make parties / sit-ins that have transpired so that they talk about them on their local radio station and people were coming from around places on this our party . The city has two large beaches bordering the Atlantic Ocean, and both were beautiful. The water is too cold in the ocean, the waves sometimes know to be great and my advice is that if you see the seals (which can be seen) not to swim because locals say that when there are seals can happen that has a shark. In essence we are all free time spent on the lake because the water is calm and warm, but the lake have already been typical beach surrounded by houses and have special seats for visitors. Orleans has several lakes and are really beautiful. Although Orleans accounts in town after dark lighting has main street and maybe even some who cuts, other streets have no lights, so that I am after all these years again saw firefly. :D Cinema of the two towns of Orleans, I went with the society with the job and it is 10-15 min by car, one can go and ride the bus or knows just take a lot of bus circulating percent. The ticket for the bus is $ 2 was to go in the first or the second to last stop. :) All in all I had a very good opinion of the place.

Experience with employer Stop&Shop was neutral.
Sessions: $ 9-14 Number of hours per week: 35 S & amp; S as a big company goes on to admit that before any worker more than a pay overtime. In fact the first week I had about 25 hours, however, that after the season started I had between 35-38 hours a week, once or twice just happened that I had 40 hours. Of course, some of my colleagues did not have such a schedule, ie. if the employer sees that you are a quality worker and not goofing around will give you more hours. The S & amp; S starting salary was us $ 9 a month later raised our wage to 9.5 $ until the weekend and every holiday was paying about 14 $ per hour. From my experiences of managers in these large companies are heavy idiots. With a single transaction (which gives you up to 40 hours) you can cover only the cost of the USA and maybe the way, so that all generally looking for another job. I've had good luck so I had three jobs. In essence there anyone who wants to work can find a second job (with the team to go from bars to shops and ask that you employ). At the beginning of arrival me and friends we had problem to find another job and frankly I thought the job would not be nothing that I can hardly regain invested money, then began the season in one day I received an offer for two seats. If someone went to be Orleans strongly recommend to seek a job and the Nauset Farms in. Nauset is small, but people are incredibly good, the manager is phenomenal what is almost never seen. Pay the hourly rate $ 10 I worked there as a cashier, and still we had to tip when the share is from $ 3-5 per day. Compared to the S & amp; S the job came to me as a holiday, all employees are incredibly good so I Nauset bass and dear to my heart. The two businesses have worked legally and therefore we refuse fees (which in any case seek refund when you return home). The third job I was working illegally, and the boss was paying me $ 9 per hour. I suggest you ask your boss where you were if they knew of a job, so we landlady found the woman where we are in the beginning, if necessary, help around the house and that we paid $ 10 a hour. In essence can be due to good money. :)

This review represents personal opinion of Miljana Vuckovic who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2013 with agency United Work & Travel, working at Stop&Shop in Orleans, MA.

Aug 5, 2016