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  • I have worked on several positions... from cooker, housekeeper, barista.. to cashier. I was pleased with all employers, precisely because they offered us some trust and patience.

  • Hourly: 10 $ but the overtime -paid and night shifts are better paid hours per week: 36-45 Charging shelf in the hypermarket store or objects that missing, depending on the department

  • Hourly: 10$ Hours per week: 40 Not hard work has really a lot of employees , and basically the only thing that worked is sorting things on the shelves

  • Hourly: 10-14 Hours per week: 40 Soooo I have to say ugly billion for the manager who was my superior ... but it's all the personal aspect, as regards the work depends on which department you are in the market , salaries vary depending on what shift you work , are you work night or day , weekends or holidays , in any case it would be good to find another job

  • Sessions: $ 9-14 Number of hours per week: 35 S & amp; S as a big company goes on to admit that before any worker more than a pay overtime. In fact the first week I had about 25 hours, however, that after the season started I had between 35-38 hours a week, once or twice just happened that I had 40 hours. Of course, some of my colleagues did not have such a schedule, ie. if the employer sees that you are a quality worker and not goofing around will give you more hours. The S & amp; S starting salary was us $ 9 a month later raised our wage to 9.5 $ until the weekend and every holiday was paying about 14 $ per hour. From my experiences of managers in these large companies are heavy idiots. With a single transaction (which gives you up to 40 hours) you can cover only the cost of the USA and maybe the way, so that all generally looking for another job. I've had good luck so I had three jobs. In essence there anyone who wants to work can find a second job (with the team to go from bars to shops and ask that you employ). At the beginning of arrival me and friends we had problem to find another job and frankly I thought the job would not be nothing that I can hardly regain invested money, then began the season in one day I received an offer for two seats. If someone went to be Orleans strongly recommend to seek a job and the Nauset Farms in. Nauset is small, but people are incredibly good, the manager is phenomenal what is almost never seen. Pay the hourly rate $ 10 I worked there as a cashier, and still we had to tip when the share is from $ 3-5 per day. Compared to the S & amp; S the job came to me as a holiday, all employees are incredibly good so I Nauset bass and dear to my heart. The two businesses have worked legally and therefore we refuse fees (which in any case seek refund when you return home). The third job I was working illegally, and the boss was paying me $ 9 per hour. I suggest you ask your boss where you were if they knew of a job, so we landlady found the woman where we are in the beginning, if necessary, help around the house and that we paid $ 10 a hour. In essence can be due to good money. :)

  • Hours : 11.75 Number of hours per week : 32 Average tips : 0 Since it was in another town, and buses to 18h had no understanding that it is impossible to go home if you are doing the second shift , but they were not interested in that , so that majority of us would return with a taxi ( Jamajcin who rented the van ), and paid 10 dolars per person. only positive thing was that they gave us hours as much as thay said and sometimes gave overtime.

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