Stop and shop, Provincetown ,Cape cod MA, GPA

Experience with agency GPA was positive.
Good work with clients, there went a small group of three of us and we were all very happy with America and experience from thence

Experience with location Cape Cod, MA was positive.
The town is beautiful and very interesting , I say very interesting because it actually gay capital of America and it lives mainly gay population and anything can be seen, but they are very friendly and nice people , although do not be surprised if you see two grandfather kissing on the street

Experience with employer Stop&Shop was positive.
Hourly: 10 $ but the overtime -paid and night shifts are better paid hours per week: 36-45 Charging shelf in the hypermarket store or objects that missing, depending on the department

This review represents personal opinion of Dina Matic who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2014 with agency GPA, working at Stop&Shop in Cape Cod, MA.

Aug 13, 2016