Guapos, Orleans, Massachusetts, Inspirit

Experience with agency Inspirit was neutral.
The Agency is not bad but we were changed three times at the end of quarters we lived 13 miles of - house work, we went in the rain for nearly two hours by walk or an hour with the bike . We had no social problem because we provided an address where we lived and we had to address from Job Offer ( the job offer was standing a third address) and the agency did not help us but we have not contacted the sponsor agency.

Experience with location Orleans, MA was positive.
The town is small, has two beaches that I have been able to see twice for 4 and a half months . No night life , so i do not have where to spend money. People are okay, nice. The only thing was my problem is that we have the house in the woods is a problem coming back at night after dark but we survived it.

Experience with employer Guapo's Tortilla Shack was negative.
Hours: 5 Number of hours per week: 22 Average tip: 25 Because when we did not have a job, we washed the dishes, scrubbed the kitchen and everything else. From May 18 to June 20 I worked about 22 hours a pen in the contract is 40. They have not complied, they gave me and, multiple shifts and could not do another job. I decided to quit and find another job. Colleagues told me of a bakery, I went there and the man I initially given 40 hours and got me the papers for sponsorship agency. I found another job through, I was busser in a restaurant in the main street. I've done exactly what was my job to constantly pour any water and clean away dirty dishes from the tables. Nobody forced me to fish or anything if you do not have a job to do something else. Otherwise the restaurant was very busy and people were waiting for two hours for a table. Tips was excellent even three times higher than in Guapos. The third job I worked at TJMaxx in. Hmm, in that boutique I bought clothes and gifts for mine. I worked in the area where the cabins. I've been giving people numbers and operations sorted clothes at department, whether it's junior, woman or kids. The fourth job I once again found itself on craiglist cleaning up the house on Saturdays. For three hours that I earned $ 50 and there was a lot to be clean, a little dust, vacuum in the center of the bathroom and that's it. All in all I am satisfied with the profit, I spent a lot of money on gifts, I bought a good phone but I also returned some money. From late June to late September, I worked every day for 14 hours, sometimes 16 and sometimes only 8 hours (eg in September). Everyone could make good money if he is prepared to work all day and not be consumed. I had food in the bakery and restaurant so that I did not poured money and food is too expensive. It's been a wonderful year for me and of course I'm going back to the year 2015

This review represents personal opinion of Ivana Ivanovic who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2014 with agency Inspirit, working at Guapo's Tortilla Shack in Orleans, MA.

Aug 7, 2016