Sand Bar & Grill, Oak Bluffs, Work And Travel Group

Experience with agency Work & Travel Group was positive.
Professional and helpful . I got a little bored percent speak 2 hours, but all respected and I realized that many people who work in the agency were several times because they know everything around there, getting around , streets , shops and everything. Signs character is cold pastries saleswoman knew the name when I was eating . They have an excellent girl in the office :) . They waiting for us at the airport ( at first I thought this was normal, but after that they only hear what they did this year , of all agencies). We organize transportation by ship , SSN number, everything. I sent them mail in August , about some problems, answer the mail the same day.

Experience with location Martha's Vineyard, MA was neutral.
The city is fair for another job , but you have to make an effort . He will not give it to yourself. I am satisfied, I changed jobs 6 , 4 I rode great. Accommodation: I was in a hostel at the center of the city, called the Island House and is led by a dark-skinned Will. What do I know , there are better or that money is super . A bunch of people and it changes a lot of men and women , orgies, brutal only tomorrow shot heads of their lame alcohol. And everything is close ... literally !! We paid $ 125 a week. A guy from the agency helped us a lot with everything , some Damir .

Experience with employer Sand Bar & Grill was positive.
$ 12 but I worked more than 40 hours . Very satisfied .. I was tired. Job description: I'm washing dishes and helping out what else should be in the kitchen , it was a lot of things but it is interesting and every day something else . If the team is good, there can be a good fun. Ma is not difficult, there were days when I'm not even tired. I'll probably happen again.

This review represents personal opinion of Dejan who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2012 with agency Work & Travel Group, working at Sand Bar & Grill in Martha's Vineyard, MA.

Jul 15, 2016