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  • Finally, when I gathered all, the experience was positive. From the first days I worked as a hostess, and sometimes as a food runner and busser and I had direct contact with people, which meant a lot to me in order to perfect the language. I met many wonderful people, learned a lot about American culture and I was always beautiful and dressed up at the work. :) The restaurant has both inside and outside siting, but certainly to more people opting to sit outside on the sand overlooking the luxury yachts and ocean. What was fun is that it is completely normal to greet people passing by, ask them how are they doing and often start a conversation with them. I knew that to spend the whole day at the promenade, sunbathing and talking to passers-by. I had new friends, received flowers from people and just enjoyed doing my job. As for the employers and the restaurant, I can not say I was particularly pleased. We arrived on the island on the May 17th and I supposed to start on 21th, but we started a week after, because the maintenance in the restaurant have not yet been completed. This period came to me well because I was able to meet with people and surroundings, but I certainly was not happy because of the money I spent. Soon after we filed the document for social security number, and a month later we received it. Until then, I have worked only in the Sand Bar. As a hostess I had $10, and as a food runner and busser $5-plus tip, which was unfortunate, but I believe that it was only because season has not started and I hopped it will be better later. I had a lot of working hours and overtime, and we always have been paid by employers on time. I didn't look for another job, because Employer still did not have a fixed schedule for the entire year, and because they told us to be patient for a while, because perhaps they would have a job at one of their other facility, since they own rent-a-car, bike shop, gas station and a liqueur store, laundry, mini pizzerias. The house where I lived with another seven people who worked for them was also theirs and we paid $150 a week. Better not to know what kind of home is it. It would take a lot more space to describe it, a novel of letters. :) Anyway, a few times I went to the bike shop, I was doing some cleaning and renting of it, for the same $10 per hour and I was told that I will work here throughout the season. Still, I was working at the Sand Bar, was still waiting for my schedule so I could start looking for a second job and it was like that until the middle of July, when I decided to take the matter into my own hands. I suggested to the manager that I am willing to work as a hostess and only the first shift, since I liked it and the situation with tips has not significantly changed (in the season I had about $80, possibly $100, in a double shift from 10AM until 10PM, there were always 5 servers, and the restaurant was always crowded, which means that a lot of work values very little money). We managed to make a deal, and I immediately found two jobs and I had only one afternoon off. At the end of the season, most Americans servers returned to their studies, and instead of being upgraded to their positions in the restaurant for us who have been doing the whole season there and we knew everything about the restaurant, servers have become the people who worked in the rent-a-car or some who have had little contact with the Sand Bar, but they certainly were less qualified than us. When we objected, we got an offer to be trained for servers, but even then I was tired of injustice, and since I would leave soon I chose to stay until the end of the season. And yes, only the kitchen workers were entitled to a free meal, while the rest would pay 50% cheaper. So when I calculated that my paycheck every Friday was $280 weekly rent is $150 and each day I was eating in a restaurant, because I did not have time to cook at home and eat an average of $10, I almost earn nothing on the first job. But it also speaks about how employers are smart and real businessmen. :) Finally we came to the conclusion. Now, when everything passed, I could say that I am grateful that employer offered me a job and helped me to go and live on such a beautiful island. They were correct as to the payment. I have not had any major problems with them. They knew to meet my needs when it comes to paying the rent. On the opening day there was a private party for police officers, where lobsters have been served, and at the end of the day we got a lobster and some shells from the boss. All in all, as everywhere, there were also beautiful and less beautiful things. I have never regretted what I was doing there, because these less-nice-things strengthen me and I learned a lot. And here's the funniest scene during the whole year. On Saturday evening I was working as a hostess in a different restaurant for dinner and two women from New York came. All the tables were occupied, and put them on a waiting list, and in the meantime, we chatted and we met better. They had dinner and went home satisfied. The next morning I was working as a hostess at the Sand Bar, and behold, two of them! They approached, came forward to me, and continued to walk around. From 5PM that day, I worked at a boutique, and just when I got to the job, the two of them have been at the door! They stopped, they looked first at me, then at each other and then we all start laughing up to the tears! Because they had never heard of this program, I explained to them how it works and I'm not the only one that works more jobs. Unforgettable situation for the two of them and for me! :)

  • Hourly: 12 $ Number of hours per week : 36 ( first month 10 ) Average tip : not that we have given tips Good side: Serbian team was great and there were a couple of Yanks who were awesome .. Sand bar is a restaurant on the sand , so it's cool ;-) Bad side: Management and bosses have tried to give us as much shorten the hours, I of course, as most employers looking for a way to screw us up . The highlight was when the 1st of September off the schedule all the hostesses , without explanation . And we lost our jobs :-)

  • Hours : 12 Number of hours per week : 50 Average tips : 0 First I worked as a dishwasher then they promoted me , in the end I even worked as a line cook

  • $ 12 but I worked more than 40 hours . Very satisfied .. I was tired. Job description: I'm washing dishes and helping out what else should be in the kitchen , it was a lot of things but it is interesting and every day something else . If the team is good, there can be a good fun. Ma is not difficult, there were days when I'm not even tired. I'll probably happen again.

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