Restoran Georges of Galilee, Narragansett, Rhode Island, CCUSA

Experience with agency CCUSA was positive.
They were good, they gave all the information we needed and we had a good online platform where we could search jobs.

Experience with location Narragansett, RI was neutral.
Second job I didn't have because I had enough hours (minimum 40 ) . The salary was $ 7.5 per hour but I had a lot of tips because I worked like server ... The restaurant offers a accommodation for internationals in a house next to the restaurant or at nearby restaurants , rent is $ 100 a week. The restaurant is right on the beach , nature is beautiful but it is a very small place. Car or bike greatly assisted since the bus ride is certainly just not as it should .. But the restaurant for the hill people and all generations and let you can always ask someone to throw you somewhere since they all have cars ..

Experience with employer George's of Galilee was positive.
I worked everything , I began to take out- in and when they saw that I speak english well they put me as a hostess and waitress. Those who do not speak English well usually placed in the kitchen or washing dishes if you are slow in the kitchen ... all jobs are paid the same but I would say that they are the hardest in the kitchen . ***IMPORTANT!!! Lara has a great article on theme of travel and what her participation in the Work and travel program meant in my life . Be sure to read her is that part of the generation Y helped ( <<< === CLICK :) ) to better cope in a sea of ​​information regarding the program and travel, and finally see the cool video that was made ​​. See Lara photos from the program in our gallery :

This review represents personal opinion of Lara Kapović who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2011 with agency CCUSA, working at George's of Galilee in Narragansett, RI.

Jul 26, 2016