Ocean City, NJ

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  • The city I was in was super ok, meaning that we meet a lot of Romanians, very good people, a clean city with lots of fun places for young people. The possibility of finding a second job is very high.

  • Touristic city, nice and quiet, people are wonderful and communicative.

  • It is easy to find another job . The students are mainly working in the stores on the Boardwalk , restaurants, hotels ... Ocean City is a tourist town , intended for the family holiday . Personally , I had no need for another job because my first job out to meet you , and I received a lot of hours . It is a safe city . Near Atlantic City , convenient to shopping and night life since the night life in the OC does and he himself banned alcohol . Also , in addition to OC , there is a Somers Point , the city ( c ) in whose bars after work often gather locals and students . In addition , Somers Point is a good choice to buy food because the food ( and everything else ) more expensive in OC than in SP . Otherwise , money is mainly spent on food so that it can certainly save you .

  • For the second job , at least to me , we had no problems. Who seeks , and finds it . Nightlife in Ocean City, it does not , it is family resort , and is consequently , even alcohol is forbidden, the first discount pizza has 6km :) villagers were ok .

  • The city , especially for families with small children , so there are no entertainment places, cafes, discos , etc ... It is forbidden the consumption and sale of alcohol and all objects : ) .... but it is near Atlantic City, a place created for the entertainment of students and spreading para . Additional job is really easy to find , all students had the 2 , 3 or more jobs ...

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