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  • Dairy Queen - My primary job, that is. business with whom I come from Serbia. Eating unlimited amounts of ice cream as long as you do not get sick. A ? breaks eating receive orders, billing, making shakes, smoothies-yes, ice cream, etc. I think the hourly rate was $ 8.25. Tips of 5 to 30 $ per shift. 40 - 60 h per week. In the beginning I had a lot of problems with the manager for stealing hours, but later when I began to write down and keep a record was all ok. Jolly Roger Water Park - one where you pay to sunbathe and waltz in a bathing ? Essentially position at the beginning ie. on the top of water slide, measuring children's height, weight, showing how to sit in a tire, pushing thick American children. It was a job that I have worked for almost a year, or the greater part, just because it is easy, without any thinking. $ 8.25 without a tip of course :) A large number of hours, if you want to work. But in some cases the money is not important, because the people I met while working there have made me to be essentially no more job satisfaction and fun. Some of the work I have been doing some pizza places, a restaurant in the hotel ... there were so many, and I changed a lot of them, just as he says I was so able :) The reason that neutral experience, because I had both positive and negative experiences, this among a score.

  • Hourly: 8.50$ Number of hours per week : In the beginning 45h later around 65h . Average tip : 20-40$ per day Dairy Queen is located within the Playland amusement park . Work has included the preparation of ice cream . so called. Blizzard , the preparation of different smoothie , milkshake and other products , and of course sell them on order . Also , workspace daily thoroughly cleaned . Opening hours we were mainly 11 : 30-5 and 7 - closure ( in a strong season all the work done to about 0:30 , sometimes later , sometimes earlier ) . At first I was not easy , because I met with a bunch of new information , instructions on how they should work , etc. , or approximately 10 days is enough to fine- spy in the job and then everything works automatically . Colleagues and superiors were to wish for. We guarded plot " on the side " and we lived on tips . Employer We provide accommodation ( $ 85 per week ) , and we took off from this place , which was on a weekly basis .

  • Hourly : 7.5 $ Hours per week: 40 Average tip : 10 Sales of ice cream , shake, sandwiches

  • Wage per hour: 10 Hours per week: 35-38 Average tip : No tips Making food available for purchase , working at the cash register and driwe through .

  • Hours: 10 Hours per week: 35 The positive experience with the employer , as the contract is respected. Job Description: making ice cream , work the cash register , cleaning , filling, training new employees. $ 10 Hours , 35 hours per week , $ 20 per month and the tips that we received in just 2 months. I also worked in a hotel housekeeping , 12 dollars an hour , without taxes .

  • Hours 9 $ Number of hours per week : 20-35 Good sides: people that do, but still always ready to help , very nice and pleasant. Bad sides: huge crowds, doing without ceasing , literally running for a little action after you paid . And manager , who was very rude to the number of one hundred hours of business. After the contract for at least 30h should have , and I had sometimes 20 because when the cooler weather no crowds and therefore you did not need and you send home or simply more contact there is no compelling need that you come because you do not want to pay that just standing .

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