Mt. Olympus Resorts

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  • Employer over which I left the Mt. Olympus, I got a job in the laundry (Laundry department) where during the season, 50 degrees in the room. A director Kim and woman on a scale underneath it, which is coming to Belgrade to interview Jillian Surman all the worst. I was discharged for medical reasons even threatened expulsion from the accommodation and all because I asked for a transfer because I felt good in the laundry room, and in such conditions, no agreement with them was not possible. -Hourly: 8,50 $ -Hours: 32h per week (during the season and more)

  • Hourly: 7.5$ Hours per week: 65 Average tip: no tips The good side is that the company has a lot of students, and thus all the work for you, so you do not have to worry about all the paperwork. A great place if you go alone, because literally there for you 24/7. The downside is the hourly rate .. There's no overtime, full of Bulgarians who remained illegally through this program. They are your supervisors. It is difficult to reconcile with the fact that someone who is worse than you in a better position .. If you go here to learn the language, just to tell him you will not learn. Every cent is important to them, you break unpaid, for every 8 hours of mandatory 30-minute break. Uniform cost is about $ 50. The good thing is if they remained until October, would be given a bonus for the month of August and September, so that you hourly rate was 9.5 instead of 7.5 for each hour in August and September .. There's always work if you as a ticket seller deserted house in 4 hours, you can stay to clean the park up 8-9 in the evening .. There is always a job for someone who wants to work.

  • Hourly: $ 05.07 Number of hours per week : 75 Average tip : no Radio with the souvenir shops at the amusement park , from cleaning shops to entertain customers. In general I had no tip unless I sometimes ask people to tattoo ( airbrush tattoo )

  • $7.5 per hour

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