Mansion House, Vineyard Haven, MA, Work and Travel Group

Experience with agency Work & Travel Group was positive.
Correct with me from the beginning to this day - and the next year I decided to go through them.

Experience with location Vineyard Haven, MA was neutral.
Vineyard Haven is one of the three largest cities in the Martha`s Vineyard , on the " damp town" so you can not buy alcohol in this town, but the closest liquer store is on 10min by bus . The island is small, and easily can manage , the beaches are beautiful , Seafood great, people are too kind and relaxed ... In addition to the Americans , the largest group of people from Serbia , Bulgaria, Brazil and Jamaica . In August you will likely see Obama during the summer and many famous people .. in my hotel were Kate Walsh , Fred Weller .. on the island there are golf courts, bowling alley , a golf frisbee golf , skate park, many restaurants , places to Rise , the largest locally - Loft ( in Oak Bluffs ) were organized party once a week and there are all kinds of hobby .. type darts , billiards ... all in all a beautiful island and wonderful experience :)

Experience with employer Mansion House was positive.
Wage per hous: 13.5 Number of hours per week: 40 Average tip: 10-20 I was the only Serb woman at the front desk, they cuddle me in the beginning and it was a short period, the training I had three days at one time were mild and after it was full throttle .. Check-in, check-out hotel guests, booking over the phone and online, making for a gym membership fees, check-in lifters, cash and much more related to the front desk but it was scrubbing the carpet, vacuuming the lobby, testing pools, covering furniture on the roof of the building, a few times I have rooms ready. Two nights a week I had the hotel phones, which means if the customer figure out that he needed another blanket at 3 am, you run to bring that to him... for those hotel phones I was not paid but I had the accommodation at the hotel for free (not in hotel rooms, I had a room with a bed, refrigerator and prehistoric climates in the kitchen just microwave) and the bathroom is shared by the four of us. The whole year I worked 40h, I only had one week of overtime, it was 48 hours. the hourly rate of 13.5 $ in the job description stated that there's no tips, and there was not much, but from time to time yes ... I got a gift card for a restaurant in the amount of $ 60 reserves a luggage gets 20 $, etc. . If the hotel receives 12 positive trip advisor comments month, we have received $ 50 for stop & amp; shop (supermarket) what has happened all 4 months how much I worked there. I had no need to look for another job, I made that money back, bought a suitcase full of things, was in New York for three days and three times in Boston because I really liked it.

This review represents personal opinion of Sandra who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2015 with agency Work & Travel Group, working at Mansion House in Vineyard Haven, MA.

Aug 3, 2016