Vineyard Haven, MA

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  • Excellent ! I am very happy . Nice island , beautiful beach , going out -Serbian parties are organized in the biggest club in Martha's , unforgettable after party on the beach with a guitar and fire . The locals are very friendly, smiling , helped us a lot about orientation , and acquiring a bikes. A possibility of additional work or another , you have to literally every corner .

  • Vineyard Haven is one of the three largest cities in the Martha`s Vineyard , on the " damp town" so you can not buy alcohol in this town, but the closest liquer store is on 10min by bus . The island is small, and easily can manage , the beaches are beautiful , Seafood great, people are too kind and relaxed ... In addition to the Americans , the largest group of people from Serbia , Bulgaria, Brazil and Jamaica . In August you will likely see Obama during the summer and many famous people .. in my hotel were Kate Walsh , Fred Weller .. on the island there are golf courts, bowling alley , a golf frisbee golf , skate park, many restaurants , places to Rise , the largest locally - Loft ( in Oak Bluffs ) were organized party once a week and there are all kinds of hobby .. type darts , billiards ... all in all a beautiful island and wonderful experience :)

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