Mansion House

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  • In hotel worked mainly young people from Serbia and other parts of the world so it was very fun to work in this environment. The job is very demanding on the one hand while on the other hand you do not have a constant when you check.

  • Wage per hous: 13.5 Number of hours per week: 40 Average tip: 10-20 I was the only Serb woman at the front desk, they cuddle me in the beginning and it was a short period, the training I had three days at one time were mild and after it was full throttle .. Check-in, check-out hotel guests, booking over the phone and online, making for a gym membership fees, check-in lifters, cash and much more related to the front desk but it was scrubbing the carpet, vacuuming the lobby, testing pools, covering furniture on the roof of the building, a few times I have rooms ready. Two nights a week I had the hotel phones, which means if the customer figure out that he needed another blanket at 3 am, you run to bring that to him... for those hotel phones I was not paid but I had the accommodation at the hotel for free (not in hotel rooms, I had a room with a bed, refrigerator and prehistoric climates in the kitchen just microwave) and the bathroom is shared by the four of us. The whole year I worked 40h, I only had one week of overtime, it was 48 hours. the hourly rate of 13.5 $ in the job description stated that there's no tips, and there was not much, but from time to time yes ... I got a gift card for a restaurant in the amount of $ 60 reserves a luggage gets 20 $, etc. . If the hotel receives 12 positive trip advisor comments month, we have received $ 50 for stop & amp; shop (supermarket) what has happened all 4 months how much I worked there. I had no need to look for another job, I made that money back, bought a suitcase full of things, was in New York for three days and three times in Boston because I really liked it.

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