Williston, ND

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  • I came to America on June 1 , and the extra work I found on the beginning of July . In the meantime I worked for a few one- time jobs . The point is to be persistent. I've wanted to work in one hotel where I filled out the application, but did not call me , so I went back there and they hired me .

  • Additional job is easy to find and schedule are very good . Williston is a small town , it is said that it is dangerous , but we didn't have a problem. We lived in the house. Everywhere is easily reached by bicycle. There is a club outings , Walmart , park .

  • Additional work is very easy to find . The town is small, hourly rate are excellent , there are a few places to go out , Walmart , and a nice park . Everywhere can be reached by bicycle.

  • Nightlife does not exist, there are 2 strip club and that's it . : D The people literally doesn't have on streets, everyone at work or in the car , or literally, you can not see the man on the street. It took me a bit by surprise. The city is quiet , a typical American town . Every morning and night is cooler, and the day is about 30 degrees.

  • The town is small, completely flat and relatively fresh year (often the wind blows , and if you 're lucky like me, you will see a tornado , and somewhere in the distance ) . It consists of a multitude of people who came to the side just to make profits (mainly in the oil fields ) and to return home . So there are not many places to go out , shopping centers , etc. . This is what could be the biggest advantage of this small town - and you will, you have nowhere to spend , so you'll certainly be able to after treat yourself and memorable trip and return fine amount. How hard is it to come across someone who is actually from Williston , the Yanks will learn from all other countries (meaning the same as the Dakota in New York - it's hard to find a true locals :)) , which would , there could be another beautiful page . .. It is relatively close to Roosevelt national park that is much more beautiful and should be visited while you're there.

  • It is possible to find a second job, a small town , a pleasant climate , the possibility of getting to know a lot of people from other places

  • Beautiful town , fresh air , fantastic nature ... Accommodation: Private house . $ 100 per week. Apartment was ok.

  • A second job can be very easy to find , nightlife is not high but it can always find a pub , but the air is virtually the same as in Serbia.

  • Williston is a small town in North Dakota. The locals are very friendly , willing to help whatever you need. It has a lot of work , almost every building looking for workers . If you are worthy , and you want to do, Williston is the right place for it. If you want fun and outings , then you are in the wrong place . The town has several bars and a disco , however, is not a good time. As far as the climate is very unusual. Summer mornings are cold , the day was quite warm, but the evenings are cooler . It is interesting to note that Eve falls only about 23h , the sun still shines in 22h :)

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